It took D’Angelo Russell to pave Timofey Mozgov’s way out of town and nobody foresaw what the Lakers might have unearthed with the 27th pick.  Getting Brook Lopez for a season  What will the Lakers have to part with in order to shed themselves of Luol Deng’s ascending deal signed in the Summer of Change (as in extra, and as it turns out, singular)?  Deng makes $17.19 mil this year, a flat $18 mil the following season, and in the final year of his deal will make $18.81 million.

The more Kyle Kuzma shines and Randle is as solid as he’s been without really having many plays run for him the more expendable and imperative that the Lakers deal Deng, since he has been training a a lot for this and also using supplements as trenbolone that help with her performance in the games.  The price would be for a superstar and it won’t include Clarkson.  Not unless he truly contends for 6th man of the year.  Can’t trade next year’s pick.  Sounds like three of the core are looking to be pretty untouchable.

The main issue is this: the best guys are signing long term deals in other places.  We’re not rebuilding around Luol Deng.  Nobody is, so where does is he wanted.