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    Lakers Nation: Jordan Hill Is Back In Los Angeles Working Out With Trainer 

    With the Lakers training camp now less than two weeks away, the Lakers roster is starting to get back into basketball mode. This time, it’s Lakers forward Jordan Hill who was working out with trainer Tim DiFrancesco.

    Last season, Jordan Hill was having the most impactful season of his young career. He was leading the NBA in offensive rebound rate — and he was leading by a large margin. Unfortunately, Hill went down with a hip injury in January and didn’t return until the short-lived post-season run. While it was great to see Hill back on the floor for the playoffs, it’s even better to see him getting prepared to get back on the floor full time for the Lakers for the upcoming season.

    Many are not expecting much from the Lakers this season as multiple Lakers are recovering from injuries this summer, and this will be one of the most lackluster rosters that they’ve fielded in years, but the potential for this team to be really fun to watch is high, and a part of that reason is the hustle and effort from Jordan Hill.

    via PHOTO: Jordan Hill Is Back In Los Angeles Working Out With Trainer | Lakers Nation.

    • tate793

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      The roster isn’t lackluster. It will be exciting, and, the few that are expecting much from the Lakers will be looking for more than just “fun”. :yahoo:

    • KB Blitz 5:33 PM on September 15, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I know. I mean even when we had the most dominant big man of his time the Lakers lost before Phil. We had dry seasons in the 90’s when the best player was Vlade Divas or Elden Campbell.

      It’s not like the Lakers never had these times. Expecting us to go deep in the playoffs? No.

      I would actually take the 05-06 Lakers than this bunch l.

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    Lakers Nation: Jordan Farmar Discusses Playing With Nick Young 

    The last time Jordan Farmar wore a Laker uniform was Game Seven of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Celtics. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they have not been able to return to championship form since Farmar left, and now he is back after spending time in New Jersey and overseas.

    The Lakers also signed Nick Young this offseason, who is a streaky shooting guard that can put some points on the board. Farmar and Young will be teammates for the first time in the NBA, but the two have known each other since high school.

    Farmar played his high school ball at Taft High School, and Young went to Cleveland High, where they both led their teams to epic battles against one another. That is where their competition against each other really began, before they were under the bright lights of college and the NBA.

    Farmar decided to attend UCLA, while Young chose USC. Young wanted to compete with Farmar, which is why he chose the Trojans. Now, Farmar and Young will play for their favorite team growing up, and they are very excited for the opportunity and the upcoming season.

    In an interview with Bleacher Report, Farmar discusses his excitement for this upcoming season and playing alongside Nick Young:

    “We played against each other throughout high school and college and the NBA, so we’re excited to be on the same team this year. Both of us playing here for the Lakers, the team that we grew up watching and cheering for, it’ll be a lot of fun.”

    Do not think it was a coincidence that both players ended up with the Lakers as Farmar explains that they discussed the possibility of playing for the Lakers together:

    “I saw him when I came in and signed. He was in there working out, and I told him how great of a place it is, how great of an opportunity it will be. He agreed and shortly after, he was on the team with us.”

    Both Farmar and Young took significantly less money to come and play for their hometown team, but the opportunity for the once rivals to join forces and help the Lakers return to prominence was too tempting for each to pass up.

    via Lakers News: Jordan Farmar Discusses Playing With Nick Young | Lakers Nation.

    • LakerTom 8:11 PM on September 13, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I love the idea of Farmar and Young coming off the bench as a backcourt change of pace. It’s one of the reasons why I want Wes to start at the 3. Of course, Steve Blake and Jodi Meeks will be fighting for minutes too. But Jordan and Nick could give us something special off the bench.

      • Michael H (Editor)

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        Aloha Tate

        Agreed. I think those 2 could be a dynamic back court off the bench. Time passes and people tend to forget that Jordan was a key to the 2nd unit during the finals runs. And 26 he is still in his prime and hopefully more mature then the first go round.

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    Lake Show Life: Jordan Hill’s Defense 

    Over the course of the off-season, I’ve written about the different types of roles players will be expected to fill and how Coach Mike D’Antoni can put them in the position to succeed. I’ve mentioned how important Jordan Hill will be to defense – Hill is the only young, athletic big who can block shots that the Lakers have on the roster. Kaman and Gasol are much more finesse players, and neither have ever been known to be defensive stalwarts, and Robert Sacre is still a very young player, who although is a legitimate 7 footer, needs to learn how to play defense at an NBA level. This leaves Hill with the sole responsibility of being the Lakers rim protector.

    Last season, Hill was poised to have a break out year. When Hill was traded to the Lakers, he had a tough time finding and playing time. That changed when the Lakers played a late season overtime game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Mike Brown put in Hill and a few other bench players and the Lakers fought back and won the game. From that point on Hill was the primary backup big man. This past season ended before it really began for Hill. He only appeared in 29 games, and missed the rest of the season due to an injury requiring hip surgery. Hill joined the expansive list of Lakers who missed significant time last year, although he did return to appear in 3 meaningless playoff games (meaningless playoff games for the Lakers? Ouch).

    On offense, Jordan Hill is a known commodity. He is, and I mean this as a compliment, a garbage man. His most efficient form of scoring comes from offensive rebounds and putbacks. In 2011-12, per SynergySports, he averaged 1 point per possession (PPP) in this situation, which accounted for 36.8% of his offense. In his shortened 2012-13 campaign, he averaged 1.09 PPP in these situations which accounted for 26.9% of his offensive production. His only more efficient offensive plays were cuts and transition buckets.

    On defense, there is less known of Hill. Two years ago, Andrew Bynum was the rim protector for the Lakers and last year that role was Dwight Howard’s. Taking a look at Synergy’s numbers from the past two years, we see that Hill is actually a relatively good defender. He isn’t elite at any one aspect, but he also isn’t at the bottom of the league in any aspect. 1.1 PPP is the league average for an offensive players. Last season, in overall defense (112 plays to be exact), Jordan Hill allowed .93 PPP. Looking more in depth, his four most common defensive situations were Isolation, Post Up, Pick & Roll Man, and Spot Up. The most common was Post Up defense, which makes sense for a PF/C, where he allowed 1 PPP. As I mentioned, not elite, but not below league average. In Spot-Up situations (his best defense) he allowed .91 PPP good for 109th in the league. This basically means when a PF is a spot up shooter, Hill makes the shooter uncomfortable with his close outs, or he basically goads the opposing player into taking a lower percentage shot.

    These numbers all came from his shortened campaign in 2012-13, so lets take a look at his 2011-12 numbers to see if these numbers are similar.  In 119 plays with the Rockets, he averaged .75 PPP on defense. In 59 plays with the Lakers he averaged .71 PPP on defense. Both of these numbers were excellent, with the .75 placing him as the 49th ranked defender and the .71 as the 24th ranked. Now these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. Hill isn’t a top 50 defensive player, as most of his numbers came against bench players as opposed to starters. But it does give hope that Hill has the potential to be the anchor the Lakers need. With the Rockets he allowed .74 PPP in post up situations, which accounted for 54.6% of his defensive plays. With the Lakers, he allowed .92 PPP, which is a significant drop off, but still a very solid mark.

    Now that we have the information, what can we expect to see on the floor? A large part of what will happen depends on Coach D’Antoni’s decision to either start Hill alongside Pau Gasol or to bring him off the bench and allow Chris Kaman to start. If I had a say in the matter, I would go with Hill to start. Kaman is the superior offensive player, while Hill is the superior defensive player. In the starting lineup, along side Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and whoever starts at the small forward position (my vote was for Wesley Johnson), Hill would compliment the others perfectly. He can shoot a mid-range jumper enough to be an outlet valve, he would be the Lakers best offensive rebounder, and he would allow Pau to not have to take a beating down low trying to defend bigs in the post. Regardless of his role as a starter or bench player, Hill is vital to the Lakers success this season. If he can be the defender he has shown flashes of, the Lakers won’t have such a dismal defensive outlook. If he struggles to take on the defensive load that will be asked of him, the Lakers will have a long season.

    via Jordan Hill’s Defense – Lake Show Life – A Los Angeles Lakers Fan Site – News, Blogs, Opinion and More.

    • LRob (Director)

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      Good article. I like Hill’s defense…not elite, but solid. He’s one of the few guys I think we can bank on being a plus defender.

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    Medina: Jordan Hill vows outside shooting won’t compromise rest of his game 

    Anytime Jordan Hill has stepped foot in a gym near his Atlanta residence this summer, the visual images starkly contrast with what made him a pleasant surprise for the Lakers through the past two seasons.

    Instead of perfecting his post moves, Hill takes at least 1,000 jump shots per day. Instead of performing Mikan drills close to the basket, Hill often participates in shooting contests with reserve shooting guard Jodie Meeks. Instead of honing in on his rebounding, Hill’s paying extra attention to the ball handling.

    All that work led Hill making one unexpected evaluation surrounding his outside shooting stroke.

    “I have a lot more confidence,” Hill said in a phone interview with this newspaper. “I feel I’m a good shooter now.”

    As Hill enters the 2013-14 season as a key reserve and even a possible starter, how he finds that balance between expanding his game and playing to his strengths could play a huge part in dictating his success or failure.

    via Jordan Hill vows outside shooting won’t compromise rest of his game | Inside the Lakers.

    • mclyne32 5:31 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      We will see about that.
      I bet his 2 point shooting percentage as well as his rebounding numbers will drop significantly.
      He will no longer be in a position to grab those offensive boards when he’s 20 feet from the basket chucking.

      • 63Footer (Die! Rector! Die!)

        63Footer 5:59 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        We’ll see. I don’t see anything wrong with him getting better at his J, turning into a Happy Hairston-type (no one any better than him on those boards, but with a great mid-range jumper), but if he is out of position repeatedly, it’s not cause of the jumper, it’s cause D’Antoni put him there.

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet 6:39 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Sounds like it’s mostly working on an improved mid-range game, which I wholly approve of. I was not excited about the idea of D’Antoni asking Hill to do what Pau did last season: shoot more 3s. We could’ve signed Andrew Bynum back if he wanted a big man 3 point shooting specialist.

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    Medina: Lakers depth chart breakdown: Steve Blake 

    Below is the sixth in a series previewing the storylines surrounding each player on the Lakers’ roster for the 2013-14 season. This post focuses on Lakers backup point guard Steve Blake.

    1. How healthy can Steve Blake stay? If this question seems to be repetitive regarding all the Lakers players, well it is. But it’s one that’s unavoidable. For Blake, he’s fully recovered from a right hamstring injury that sidelined him for Lakers’ Game 3 and 4 losses to the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. But there’s weird pattern that’s developed in Blake’s three seasons with the Lakers where he just can’t stay healthy. Here’s the rundown: misses three games because of chicken pox at the end of the 2010-11 season; sits out for 13 games in the 2011-12 season because of fractured cartilage that connects the rib to the sternum; stays sidelined for 37 games because of a lower abdominal strain that required surgery overlapping with a groin injury.

    These are all freakish injuries and the source of them all prove hard to trace. But it’s still fair to wonder why these weird incidents keep happening. To Blake’s credit, he’s maintained a positive and resilient attitude and hasn’t let these incidents affect his work ethic and aggressiveness on the court.

    2. Blake should continue to thrive under Mike D’Antoni’s system. Once Blake finally became healthy last season, he fit everything D’Antoni envisioned under his offense. Blake displayed his love for having the ball in his hands by running a good mix of pick-and-rolls and post-ups at his discretion. This freedom sparked Blake’s aggressiveness, willingness to take open shots and create on his own, three traits admittedly struggled with during his first two seasons with the Lakers for reasons including Phil Jackson’s triangle offense and adapting to Kobe Bryant’s demand for the ball. When Blake played with the second unit, he helped push the pace, ensure great floor spacing and connect with Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks at opportune times.

    Assuming he stays healthy, expect Blake to continue where he left off. D’Antoni’s system didn’t work well for Dwight Howard or Pau Gasol, but the offense worked perfectly for Blake because it fit his preferred style of play and gave him the confidence to play without any inhibitions.

    3. How will the backup spot between Blake and Jordan Farmar shake out? Even Blake expected to have a significant role this season, it’s possible that his minutes will scale back. That’s because the Lakers acquired Jordan Farmar, who boasts more athleticism and defense than Blake. That makes it possible that Blake and Farmar could wind up competing for minutes.

    This isn’t a bad thing considering both Blake and Farmar are team guys. It’s actually the preferred alternative since it’s imperative the Lakers monitor Steve Nash’s playing time and they may play without Bryant as he rehabs his torn left Achilles tendon. But it will also require Blake to be flexible in playing both off-the ball and with the ball. He showed more comfort level last season playing alongside Nash and becoming a scorer, but that will have to extend toward other lineup combinations as well.

    4. Blake will be needed on defense He’s not considered an elite defender, but Blake proves to be a sure upgrade over Nash. Blake will also have to enhance this skill since Farmar comes from the Turkish Basketball League largely improving on this area of his game. Either way, Blake has the tenacity, smarts and discipline at least to man this position.

    No one, including Blake, will stop Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook or Tony Parker. But consider Blake’s Game 1 effort in the Lakers’ loss to San Antonio where Parker scored 18 points albeit on 8-of-21 shooting. Blake constantly made Parker work, scrapped for loose balls and often forced him to pick up his dribble. Those qualities will at least shave off the Lakers allowing points on a few possessions each game.

    5. Blake should remain a positive locker room presence. He may shy away from the Lakers spotlight. But Blake’s well liked on the team because he’s relentless on the court and deferential to others. In a season where they may face some level of rebuilding, the Lakers can never have enough of those role players to ensure frustration over on-court struggles doesn’t carry over elsewhere.


    Lakers depth chart breakdown: Chris Kaman

    Lakers’ depth chart breakdown: Kobe Bryant

    Lakers depth chart breakdown: Nick Young

    via Lakers depth chart breakdown: Steve Blake | Inside the Lakers.

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    Lakers Nation: Dr. Jerry Buss On Mike D’Antoni Hiring: ‘This Is Who I Want’ 

    Before the Los Angeles Lakers decided to go with Mike D’Antoni as the new head coach of the team, Dr. Jerry Buss was consulted on the decision while in the hospital. Buss absorbed all the information, and the Phil Jackson possibility, but ultimately decided D’Antoni was the right man for the job.

    Jim Buss spoke with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne about a number of different topics recently and explained his father’s desire to go with D’Antoni rather than Jackson:

    “We did the coaching search and interviews and fed him all the information,” Buss said. “And he said, ‘This is who I want. D’Antoni’s the man.’ Knowing that in the future we had to rebuild, he felt that Phil was not a guy to rebuild. It’s not fair to him. It was actually more of a respectful thought towards Phil.”

    All indications pointed to the team giving Jackson the cold shoulder as a result of hiring D’Antoni. Despite that seemingly being the case, Buss claims that it was a respectful gesture to Jackson not to hire him over D’Antoni. Buss and company didn’t want Phil to go through the rebuilding process during the post Kobe Bryant era and felt D’Antoni was more suited for that role.

    Apparently, Dr. Buss was for the move and believed D’Antoni was the right man for the job.

    Regardless of the team’s intentions, the hiring of D’Antoni had quite the backlash last season with the fans and media not exactly seeing the logic to the move. Not only were the fans baffled by the move to chose D’Antoni over Jackson, but Dwight Howard wasn’t particularly happy either and that may have led to his departure this summer.

    Only time will tell if hiring D’Antoni was truly the right move for this team with the veteran head coach being put to the test next season and throughout the rest of his time in Los Angeles.

    via Dr. Jerry Buss On Mike D’Antoni Hiring: ‘This Is Who I Want’ | Lakers Nation.

    • tate793

      tate793 11:03 PM on September 11, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      What a crock.

    • KB Blitz 12:20 AM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Again all the “My dad said so”. Now it’s “My dad said it’s better for the future” excuse.

      Grow up Jim. Jerry still had to be convinced and you spear-headed the idea. Getting exposed since originally it was “Best for this team” now “Best for the future”.

      Actions speak more louder than words. Talking about being respectful to Phil? Calling him at midnight and telling him he didn’t get the job is sure d**n respectful. Saying “I wouldn’t have a problem with Phil”? Then hire him already. Almost everyone knows that Jim Buss has a problem with Phil. Want to dispel that? Do something rather than keep saying the same political garbage that “D’Antoni was perfect for Pau-Dwight”.

      Next season will expose D’Antoni. And once again have Jim Buss waste another $12 million dollars like he is doing to Mike Brown.

    • mclyne32 8:24 AM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      We ALL make mistakes in life.
      Now it’s time to take ownership of your failure and make things right.

    • Michael H (Editor)

      Michael H 10:05 AM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I tend to believe the story because Jeanie said the same thing in her interviews a few weeks back. Considering the strained relationship she has with Jim and the one she has with Phil, I can’t imagine her saying anything just to have Jim’s back. After all she has been very public about everything else. Factor in that Dr Buss was never a fan of the triangle offense and it does make sense to me. That said, the whole thing could have been avoided if we had hired Adleman over Brown. Thats where the real mistake occurred.

      • tate793

        tate793 11:04 AM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        People believe what they want to believe. Jeanie has never said that hiring Mike D’Antoni was what her father wanted. That’s what the article is about. Also, speculation and proliferation of an assumption (that Dr Buss was never a fan of the triangle offense) is flimsy, at best. Had Dr Buss (who possesses 5 O’Brien’s courtesy of the Triangle Offense) not liked the triangle, he certainly would not have liked the Princeton, either. Nowhere on record can Dr Buss be found saying anything of the sort. Moreover, if the good Dr was so “anti-triangle” then why even consider him in the first place?

        Jimmy Buss has lost credibility due to his words and actions. His lies have been exposed and his actions have as well.

        The best thing he can do is to get out of the way and let basketball minds operate.

        • Michael H (Editor)

          Michael H 12:03 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Actually Tate she did, go back and read a few of the interviews it was all over the place. And as a long time Laker fan Tate, I can’t understand how you missed Dr Buss long desire to return to showtime basketball. That has been pretty well known for years. He liked rings for sure but was never a fan of that style.

          • KB Blitz 12:25 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Rings is the more important to the Dr. Of course he would prefer Showtime but he was never above style. That’s why he trusted Jim to hire coaches other than Phil (and we all know how that is working out).

            He would prefer Showtime. But he would never be willingly to shun Jackson and the opportunities to win rings just to get high tempo basketball.

          • tate793

            tate793 12:44 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Michael -- please, be so kind as to direct me to an article in which Jeanie Buss states that Mike D’Antoni was her dad’s choice for a coach. Also, I know of DrJB’s appreciation of the uptempo game. But, two elements that went along with the uptempo game, that created “Showtime”, was the entertainment AND the winning. “Losing” is not entertaining. Magic Johnson and Kareem aside, there has never been a Laker more exciting than Kobe. He raised the bar and DrJB has never attempted to conceal his addiction to what Kobe brings to the court.

            Even Magic placed “Winning Time” above “Showtime”.

            • 63Footer (Die! Rector! Die!)

              63Footer 12:51 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink

              Hey, ELGIN was way exciting and helped save the Lakers during the transition to LA…or so I’m told (about saving the franchise, not the exciting part).

            • tate793

              tate793 2:22 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink

              Elgin was certainly exciting, but I don’t think he was any more exciting than Kobe. It was a different kind of exciting.

            • 63Footer (Die! Rector! Die!)

              63Footer 2:37 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink

              Just givin’ credit to Elgin for helping to revolutionize the game. Kobe is exciting, but he’s a bit of MJ and other things (even if done so supremely well), whereas Elg was an original that many have patterned themselves after, even without realizing it.

            • tate793

              tate793 2:49 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink

              True 63. Elgin was an innovator and many players patterned their game after his. Playing the center position in college, Elgin also was one of the more innovative “post” players in the NBA. You are right in giving Elgin credit for revolutionizing the game -- he did exactly that. The game was boring and sedate when Elgin took the court. He was criticized for his unorthodox style (anything other than a two-handed set shot or opposite foot layup was sacrilege) and it wasn’t until the “W”s continued to pile up that he was accepted. Thus paving the way for any number of stars that followed in his wake.

            • Michael H (Editor)

              Michael H 3:22 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink

              Ramona Shelborne article july 8th

          • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

            Jamie Sweet 9:17 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            I think the notion of “returning to Showtime basketball” is out of touch with reality and turned out to be Dr. Buss’ achilles heel. Mike D’Antoni has never once coached anything resembling Showtime. Showtime was predicated first and foremost on good D and great rebounding. It also featured the most dynamic low post player to ever play the game. Say what you want about Wilt but he was never the player Kareem was. He was a more impressive physical specimen and that allowed him to utterly dominate the league but as his body failed him he became a lot less effective.

            Showtime was created by the personality, style and ability of Magic Johnson, anchored by The Captain and made possible by a smothering team D that, with the new NBA defensive rules, is just not possible anymore. But even Laker fans tend to forget that when Magic wasn’t leading the break the entire team was spacing the floor for Kareem. THAT was Showtime basketball. Not a lot of running and shooting quickly, that’s like the Miller Highlife of Showtime.

            Showtime basketball will never be seen in the NBA, again, not as long as the rules are the way they are and fundamental basketball is an after-thought. Dr. Buss biggest failure was not realizing he had the perfect winning system for the modern NBA, not fully embracing the triangle, or it’s architect and spokesperson, may well go down in history as one of Dr. Buss’s bad gambles.

        • Michael H (Editor)

          Michael H 3:25 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          By the way Tate. Brown didn’t bring in the Princeton until the 2nd year. And it was after suggestions from Kobe and Pau to try and find ways to better suit their roster Should I find the articles for that as well?

          • tate793

            tate793 5:28 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            “Later on, the elder Buss explained to his daughter that the final decision on the hire had been his, and it was not personal toward Jackson. He simply saw the NBA heading in a direction that seemed to fit D’Antoni’s uptempo style.”

            C’mon, Michael, that statement is as equivocal, vague and innocuous as they come. You seriously can’t take an ambiguous piece of journalism and try to give it a face and a name. Nowhere does it say Jeanie said.

            There’s a distinct difference in what Jeanie said and what Ramona said. Redactional Ramona, ha ha.

            There is only one quote in the whole article, and, that is a bifurcated quote from Kobe.

          • tate793

            tate793 5:37 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Doesn’t matter when, or how the Princeton arrived in LA. The point, Michael, is that had DrJB been so disenchanted with the triangle, he would not have allowed for an audition of the Princeton. And, it was actually, a suggestion from Kobe to find a way to better get Pau in volved, more than Pau making a suggestion. Pau wasn’t even present at the Team USA training site in Vegas when Brown and Kobe were discussing it with Jordan.

      • KB Blitz 11:06 AM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        And Jerry Buss “signed off” on that one as well. Then fires Brown even though Mitch and Jim wanted to keep him. That hire was Jim Buss just as much as D’Antoni was as well.

        The path to redemption for Jim Buss is first to admit he made mistakes instead bring out the excuse that his father was the only one who wanted Brown and D’Antoni. Those were the preferences of Jim. Just because his dad agreed don’t mean he also was the one who came up with them. Both hiring were Jim Buss driven and he is an excuse maker by trying to shift the blame to his dad.

        And this article exposed him more as a d**n liar. Says that D’Antoni was for the future? After repeatedly saying all last season that D’Antoni was to win NOW not later. So not only is he an excuse maker and a loser he’s also a liar as well.

        Well done Jim. Well done.

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 11:33 AM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The fact that they continue to pin this debacle on their dead father makes me lose respect for everybody involved. And the fact that they keep talking about it at all is evidence of their own culpability.

      • mclyne32 5:29 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I agree.
        Take some responsibility when things go bad.
        When you don’t, you are just showing the world your lack of character.

    • John M.

      John M. 12:37 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I sure hope the Lakers don’t go 82-0 and sweep the playoffs. Some of you may want to keep the coach and get off the front office’s back. Then, instead of reading all the griping and second-guessing, I’ll have to settle for happy thoughts.

      • tate793

        tate793 12:49 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply


        In case you’re directing your comments in my direction, I would suggest to you that if the Lakers were to go 82-0 and sweep the playoffs, it would have more to do with Kobe than with MDA.

        Moreover, I’m not on the FO’s back, I’m on Jim Buss’ back. I’ve got no problem with Jeanie, Mitch, Jessie or anybody else.

      • KB Blitz 12:58 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        We would love have the Lakers do that.

        But it won’t. And when we start making smart decisions instead of ego influences ones, we will have more success.

        Even in the 90’s the decisions were still made on smart decisions rather than ego ones. Did some fail awesomely of course such as Magic Johnson as coach as well as Randy Pfund. But some were very solid such as Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel and hiring an okay but not championship caliber Del Harris.

        These days? Hiring Brown to spite Phil and show that Jim Buss knows WTF he’s doing. Then hiring D’Antoni to show that Phil was only good because of the roster. All ego based. Not one measure of IQ used on those decisions. Then the blame game on Dr. Buss to hide Jimmy’s failures.

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    Sports Media 101: Power Ranking Every Los Angeles Lakers Player on Roster: Part 2 

    7. Jordan Hill

    The former Arizona Wildcat is entering his fifth year in the league, and while he hasn’t lived up to expectations as a lottery picky, Jordan Hill is starting to make a name for himself as an energy guy. Hill’s role will be to provide tough defense and efficient rebounding for a team that gave up the 19th most offensive rebounds last season. While Hill’s health has been a concern in the past, he hopes to stay healthy enough to register 20 minutes per game as a power forward and center.

    6. Steve Blake    

    As an excellent shooter and solid passer, expect Steve Blake to carry on his success from last season. While he lacks athleticism and foot speed, Blake’s ability to stretch the floor will be a crucial attribute for the squad. The 33-year-old will split the backup point guard duties with Jordan Farmar, and can play some two-guard as well.

    5. Nick Young

    Swagy P was brought in to provide the Lakers with scoring and athleticism. While Nick Young is already a proven versatile scorer, he will also need to improve his efficiency from the field. With the departure of defensive standout Metta World Peace, Young will also have to step up on the defensive end.

    4. Chris Kaman  

    While no one expects Chris Kaman to replace Dwight Howard’s production, he is expected to play 25 minutes of effective basketball. With the minimal depth at the power forward and center position, Kaman, Hill and Pau Gasol will all play a big role for the Lakers. The German big man will be a nice compliment to Gasol, as both players can play both inside-out.

    3. Steve Nash

    The former two-time MVP is certainly not the player he once was, but Steve Nash is more than qualified to handle the starting point guard position. His excellent shooting and play making abilities are important qualities to have in Mike D’Antoni’s fast paced offense. At 39 years old, Nash cannot handle heavy minutes, but with two very capable backup point guards in Blake and Farmar, his minutes should be limited to 28 minutes of quality basketball.

    2. Pau Gasol      

    With Howard gone, Pau Gasol will have to step in as the starting center for the Lakers. Although last year was his worst statistical season as a pro, the Spaniard is skillful enough to remain as one of the best big men in the league. Gasol helped the Lakers win two titles as Kobe Bryant‘s sidekick, and L.A. is hoping to return to their winning ways with Gasol as their primary big man.

    1. Kobe Bryant

    Who else did you expect at number one? The Black Mamba has been with the Lakers organization for nearly two decades, and has achieved significant success during that time. Although Kobe suffered an Achilles injury last season, he is determined to come back strong and make a run with the pieces that are intact.

    via Power Ranking Every Los Angeles Lakers Player on Roster: Part 2 | Lakers 101 | Sports Media 101.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 6:32 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink  

    LeBron James Addresses The Possibility Of Leaving Miami In 2014 With Cleveland And LA Possible Contenders 

    The Los Angeles Lakers have remained relatively quiet this offseason. After losing Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets, L.A. has only made minor moves, hoping to have cap space for the summer of 2014.

    Several times since he joined the Miami Heat, James has answered questions about an eventual return to Cleveland. With less than 12 months until he has to decide whether or not he wants to become a free agent, the two-time champion is still undecided.

    “I have absolutely no idea,” James told ESPN.com. “I would love to spend the rest of my career in Miami with this great team and great organization as we continue to compete for championships. That’s ideal. But we don’t know what may happen from now to the end of the season. That’s the nature of the business. It’s the nature of not knowing what tomorrow brings.”

    In 2010, James signed a six-year deal, with the ability to opt-out after four. He almost certainly will do so, even if he decides to stay in Miami, in order to get another lengthy contract.

    James was unable to win a ring in his seven years with the Cavaliers. In three seasons with the Heat, he, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are on the verge of forming a dynasty. The Big 3 reached the NBA Finals in year No.1 and have won the last two titles. Despite, their success, though, James may decide to look for another challenge in the offseason.

    “I mean, as a kid, I never thought the Bulls would break up,” James continued. “Never. If you’d of told me as a kid that [Michael] Jordan and [Scottie] Pippen wouldn’t play together for the rest of their lives, I’d have looked at you crazy. And Phil Jackson wouldn’t be the coach? I’d have looked at you crazy. But sometimes the nature of the business doesn’t allow things to happen like you would want them to. But we’ll see.”

    With L.A., James might be able form a better team than what he currently has with Miami. If the Lakers miss the playoffs, they’ll enter the lottery and have a chance to get a high pick in one of the best drafts of several years. Adding a top tier prospect to a roster of James, Bryant and Steve Nash would make the Lakers automatic favorites to win the title.

    The team with the best chance to land James as a free agent might be the Cavaliers. They have a promising core of young players with Kryie Irving, Dion Waiters and No.1 pick Anthony Bennett. By next year, it would be regarded as better than any supporting cast James ever had during his time in Cleveland.

    For now, the reigning MVP will concern himself with defending the title for a second straight year. The Heat are the overwhelming favorite to win the 2014 NBA championship.

    “I owe it to myself, I owe it my teammates and I owe it to the Miami Heat to stay focused,” he said. “As a leader, I’m not even going to let that side of the business get me unfocused on what I’m trying to do and that’s trying to win another championship.

    Carmelo Anthony will also be highly considered by the Lakers in the summer of 2014. Bryant is set to become a free agent, but he’s expected to remain in Los Angeles.

    via Lakers Free Agency News: LeBron James Addresses The Possibility Of Leaving Miami In 2014 With Cleveland And LA Possible Contenders.

    • LakerTom 7:39 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Why would LeBron leave the Heat? Switching teams for professional athletes is kind of like getting divorced. It becomes easier once you’ve done it before. You know what to expect. You’re not a virgin. Free agency has made players like Kobe who have only played for a single team an endangered species. It’s created an environment where players expect to wear different jerseys throughout their career. LeBron actually acknowledges that he doesn’t know what he is going to do, which is a big tell in itself. Unlike Dwight, I think LeBron might relish the challenge to finishing his career as a Los Angeles Laker.

      Could LeBron return to Cleveland? The problem with disregarding LeBron’s nostalgic musing about a return to Cleveland is that the Cavs just might have the ideal supporting cast to help LeBron win more championship rings if that is his major motivation. I have said many times before that there is going to come a time when the Lakers are going to regret giving up on Andrew Bynum. If healthy, he may still become the premier center in the NBA. A Cavaliers team led by LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, a healthy Andrew Bynum, and a deep roster literally and liberally littered with talented young lottery picks.

      • Magic Phil

        Magic Phil 7:56 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        He will jump out of the ship as long as he realize that there no sunshine on the horizon, like every other player.

        When you sign a new contract, 1 year or 5 years, it’s like jumping on that boat for 1-5 years. If it’s 1 year, a guy like LBJ will make sure there’s a chance for a ring; if it’s a 5 year deal, he will make sure the franchise has a 5-year plan and follow up.

      • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

        Jamie Sweet 8:02 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Any bet on those knees of young Master Bynum is a bad bet. Dude just missed an entire season…in a contract year…on a team he could’ve showcased big time with…in a conference with watered down competition…that had two other legitimate centers in it. Healthy? Never again. Effective, now that might be a different discussion. But I’m counting on Bynum to do something next year or he’s looking at Greg Oden status from here on out.

        • mclyne32 10:21 AM on September 11, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Put a fork in the “Big 7 Foot Disappointment,” he is done.

      • KB Blitz 9:10 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Bynum will forever be 3rd fiddle. Just a piece of s**t overrated bum.

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 9:30 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The only way I see LeBron leaving Miami is if Riley retires. Riles has shown he can put the pieces around him and he’s more of a sure bet to do it than LA or CLE. He’s got a coach in place who he trusts and an owner who will write the checks. That’s alot to walk away from. Hell, that might be the strongest organization in the NBA right now. Much different from leaving CLE & Dan Gilbert…

      • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

        Jamie Sweet 9:49 AM on September 11, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Yeah, Riles has blended the Buss vision with his own, tenacious drive. Now he’s got the players and a coach that carries that onto the court. That is a recipe for NBA success.

    • tate793

      tate793 10:27 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The Heat were given a gift, this year, and everybody, including LeBron, knows it. They aren’t likely to win next year, and, everybody, including LeBron knows that too -- for numerous reasons -- Wade’s health, the uprising of Indiana, Chicago and possibly -- Cleveland. A deal sending LeBron back to Cleveland to play with Kyrie, Drew and Bennet would be a strong possibility, the CAVS have as much cap space as we do. If Drew can show that he’s healthy, I could see LeBron moving back to Cleveland where he would have ample pieces around him to win -- and to beat the likes of Chicago and Indiana.

      • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

        Jamie Sweet 9:45 AM on September 11, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Gotta disagree, Tate, the champs are the champs until someone knocks them off. Also, as much as the Spurs gave it away Miami had to take it. I’m sure there a ton of Celtics fans who thought the Celtics gave it away in game 7, we still had to take it. And even though we all knew that Laker team had age issues as the NBA started to get a lot younger and more dynamic, pundits and fans alike generally gave the nod to the Lakers as the best team in the NBA. Same went for Dallas, I certainly didn’t think that team had a snowballs chance in Hell to repeat, the kind of shooting lightning that team caught in a bottle just can’t be counted on, but I still had them penciled in as the team to beat the next season.

        So until somebody takes it away from Miami I don’t see them laying down and giving it away.

    • mclyne32 10:26 AM on September 11, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The only way we have a chance in hell of getting LeQueen is if Phil has a permanent and prominent role within the organization as well as becoming the coach for James’ first season as a Laker.
      Also, we will have to get Aldridge or another youngish big not named Cousins to come as well.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 9:33 PM on September 9, 2013 Permalink  

    McMenamin: Lakers backcourt breakdown 

    On March 18 of last season, Darius Morris didn’t get into the game until the last three minutes of the Los Angeles Lakers’ blowout loss to the Phoenix Suns. Coach Mike D’Antoni stuck to a seven-man rotation on the second night of a back-to-back, and Morris didn’t figure into his plans.

    Two days before that, Andrew Goudelock was playing for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and picking apart the Lakers’ D-League affiliate, the L.A. D-Fenders, with 33 points and 12 assists in a 15-point win.

    More on the Lakers For more news, notes and analysis of the Lakers, check out the Lakers Index. Blog Five weeks later, Morris and Goudelock made up the Lakers’ starting backcourt for Game 3 of their first-round playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs. They put up an admirable effort — Goudelock finished with 20 points and three steals, Morris had 24 points and six assists — but the Spurs still embarrassed the Lakers, winning by 31 points on the Lakers’ home floor.

    The Lakers started the season with a Hall of Fame-bound backcourt of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, backed up by a D’Antoni favorite in Steve Blake and a pure, space-the-floor shooter in Jodie Meeks.

    They ended it with two former second-round picks playing close to 40 minutes apiece in a playoff game.

    Even with the rash of injuries the Lakers experienced last season — trainer Gary Vitti said it was the worst string of bad luck he’s seen in his 20-plus years with the team — the Lakers clearly had to address the guard position in the offseason.

    Part of that process was upgrading from Morris (who remains an unsigned free agent after L.A. cut ties with him) and Goudelock (who signed a one-year deal to play in Russia after shining with Chicago’s summer league team).

    Here’s a look at how the Lakers’ depth chart at guard should shake out next season:

    via Lakers backcourt breakdown – Los Angeles Lakers Blog – ESPN Los Angeles.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 10:54 AM on September 8, 2013 Permalink  

    Sports Out West: Which players will lead the Lakers bench? 

    After ending last season with one of the league’s least productive benches, which was ranked in the NBA 28th in scoring and 26th in efficiencyin, the Lakers this offseason made several free agent acquisitions in hopes.

    Los Angeles this offseason has signed several new faces such as Chris Kaman, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, Shawne Williams, and brought back familiar ones in Jordan Farmar and Robert Sacre. With that said, here are three players that will lead the Lakers off the bench.

    Jordan Farmar

    He will likely share backup time with Steve Blake but unlike him, the 28-year-old provides the Lakers second unit quickness, a decent ball handler and shooter. He is a huge upgrade over likes of Chris Duhon, Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock.

    Farmar, who is now in his second go-around with the Lakers, is a veteran in the league who has experience overseas playing  for the Turkish team Anadolu Efes as one of the team’s best players. Playing in the role as one of being a player that is heavily relied upon has given him the experience needed  to become one of the leaders of the bench squad.

    What also helps him is that his style of play fits nicely into head coach Mike D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense. Farmar will be able to use his decent speed and ability to drive the lane which help him find shooters along the perimeter and mid-range areas as well as allow him to knock down a few shoots from the outside.

    What this all equates to is a potential great year for Farmar as a bench leader and major contributor.

    Chris Kaman

    The 10-year veteran has experience as a player off the bench as he filled that role for the Dallas Mavericks last year averaging 10.5 points and 5.6 rebounds in 20.6 minutes per game. Playing in the position as one of the Lakers’ primary bench contributors is one that he will relish in. Kaman has the skill set in the low post and mid-range game to help elevate the bench production to one that the team can rely on for offense.

    What also helps make Kaman a productive player of the bench is his mindset coming to Los Angeles, which is evident by his introductory press conference where he stated that he would “I’m here to do a job and, whatever it is, I’ll do it.”  This coupled with his offensive ability will make for a productive player and leader of the Lakers’ second unit.

    Wesley Johnson

    The selection of Johnson as major impact player off the bench is one mostly based on the potential that he has as a player. He is versatile with his ability play both the shooting guard and small forward position because of his athleticism, length and quickness. He is also a  decent shooter who throughout his collegiate and NBA career has been known for his good mid-range game and since coming into the league has improved on his three-point shooting.

    Johnson will have the chance to play a role similar that is similar to former Laker Shannon Brown, who used his athletic ability and streaky shooting as a spark plug off the bench and also like Farmar, the 26-year old can flourish in D’Antoni’s offense that calls for outside shooting, which is something Johnson strives at.

    What he ultimately provides Los Angeles is a player who has a lot of potential to make an impact on both ends of the floor.

    via Los Angeles Lakers: Which players will lead the bench unit? – Sports Out West.

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet 11:51 PM on September 8, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m really pulling for Farmar in stint number 2. I think he could do real well a la Steve Blake last season.

      • LakerTom 8:08 AM on September 9, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I agree, Jamie. D’Antoni’s system is a much better fit for Jordan than the Triangle was. And I think he has matured and is ready now to accept the role off the bench, which he wasn’t ready to accept as a young pup.

        • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

          Jamie Sweet 9:46 AM on September 9, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Totally agree, I have some high hopes for young master Farmar, tempered by the realities this team is presenting but my hope is he can be the proverbial “diamond in the rough”.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 7:12 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink  

    NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins, Kendall Marshall, Evan Turner, Kendrick Perkins, JaVale McGee Could Hit Trading Block In 2013-14 Without Big Improvements 

    The NBA offseason is slowly moving towards a close and with preseason games and training camps expected to get underway soon, teams in the league are starting to evaluate expectations for players and rosters overall and some stars that could be under the microscope this season include names like Nick Young, DeMarcus Cousins, Kendall Marshall, Evan Turner, Kendrick Perkins, JaVale McGee and Wesley Johnson.

    All the players listed above have made significant strides since getting into the league, but there is something about each one that executives would like to see improved this season and if that doesn’t go according to plan, things could be blown up before the year is over. Cousins will be one of the most interesting players to watch this season in the NBA, as he is entering a year when he can sign a big extension and while the Kings would like to do that, they are worried about mental issues with Cousins, as he has butted heads with coaches and also had spells of laziness on the court in past years.

    Cousins is one of the most athletic players in the NBA and a new coach may help keep things in order this year with Mike Malone after he was coached by Paul Westphal and Keith Smart. The Kings made some additions in the offseason that should help Cousins along this season, including drafting Ben McLemore and signing Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Carl Landry back to a deal.

    Cousins nearly had a double-double average last season with over 17 points scored and 9.9 rebounds to lead the Kings and the team feels that he has only scratched the surface of his potential, but this season he needs to cut down on any attitude issues and he will have to show more hustle on the defensive side of the ball. Last season the team finished 29th in defense and if Cousins can improve his overall play on that side of the court, the Kings should be much better in 2013-14.

    Young is coming into a big season with the Lakers and he could have the chance to shine with Kobe Bryant, as will Wesley Johnson. If that doesn’t work out though, there is a chance the Lakers could try and flip those players to a team in need for picks or more salary cap relief as they try to gun for a big free agent in 2014. Marshall is coming into a big season with the Suns, as he was not drafted by the current regime and he has already been mentioned repeatedly in trade talks and that could crop up again depending on how he plays and now that the team has Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler in a trade from the Clippers, he could be on his way out.

    Turner and the Sixers are in a tough spot, as the team traded away Jrue Holiday and appears to be rebuilding and if the former number two pick doesn’t show some more improvements, he could be moved as well. GM Sam Hinkie said the team is in a position to deal and while Turner improved his three point shooting he will have to be more efficient on the court for the 76ers to have confidence in him. Perkins has been mentioned in some trade talks last season and while the thunder may have made a mistake keeping him and getting rid of James Harden, the team feels that he is essential to a championship, but if things don’t pan out, he could be sent away next season in a trade. McGee is a talented player as well and if he keeps developing the Nuggets will definitely hold onto him.

    via NBA Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins, Kendall Marshall, Evan Turner, Kendrick Perkins, JaVale McGee Could Hit Trading Block In 2013-14 Without Big Improvements : US : Sports World Report.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 7:10 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink  

    Will any Kings get an extension before the season begins? 


    The big tuna. Cousins would very much like to join his buddy John Wall in the Max Early Extension Club, but it’s looking less likely as the offseason wears on. To his credit, Cousins’ agent (Dan Fegan, who also reps Wall) is not using the power of public appeal to get the deal. This has been a private negotiating period, if the sides are even negotiating at all. Things could heat up as we slip through September and closer to the deadline, but there’s no real rush. The worst that could happen to the Kings’ position is that Cousins has a spectacular preseason, and that’s a nice problem to have.

    My hunch is that he doesn’t get the extension, has asolid season with fewer suspensions and gets a fat deal to stay in Sacramento in 2014.

    via Will any Kings get an extension before the season begins? – Sactown Royalty.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 4:34 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink  

    Jim Buss: Kaman, Young, & Farmar Fit Into Mike D’Antoni’s System ‘Very Well’ 

    Los Angeles Lakers executive vice president of players personnel Jim Buss believes Chris Kaman, Nicky Young and the returning Jordan Farmar all fit into the Mike D’Antoni run-and-gun system, adding that he’s excited to see how the players perform next season.

    Despite seeing All-Star center Dwight Howard leave for the Houston Rockets this summer, Buss is still confident the purple-and-gold will make big waves next season, thanks to the arrival of Kaman, Young and Farmar.

    Kaman, a former All-Star, averaged 10.5 points and 5.6 rebounds in 20 minutes of action in his lone season with the Dallas Mavericks. The 31-year old decided to return to Los Angeles – though in a different jersey – after the Clippers used him as a trade chip in exchange for New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul in 2011.

    “I’ve always liked Chris. I think he needs us just as much as we need him. I think this is going to give him a great opportunity to play with another seven-footer [Pau Gasol]. He’s got the sweet [shooting] touch. I’m looking forward to it,” said Buss.

    “This is the first year we’ve had D’Antoni, we’ve had the time to start picking players that fit his system a little bit better and I think Kaman’s a perfect fit,” Buss told Lakerholics.com.

    Buss also expressed his excitement to see Young (a former USC Trojans standout) play next season while lauding Farmar’s sacrifice for accepting less money for a chance to re-join the Lakers.

    “Nick Young, he’s had some big games against us. I’ve always liked the kid – he’s a Trojan, so that’s automatic. He can shoots the lights out and we need shooters, especially in this system. He’s very athletic, can sprint the floor – another one that fits D’Antoni’s system perfectly,” said Buss.

    “I’m excited. He took a lot less money – he was making some very good money in Turkey – he just missed being a Laker, you know, which is kinda the story of a lot of people who wanna be Lakers and we’re happy to accommodate them. But, again, fitting D’Antoni’s up-and-down style, I think Jordan Farmar’s gonna fit real well with this system,” Buss added.

    Aside from the trio, the Lakers also added wingman Wesley Johnson, signed rookie forward Ryan Kelly and undrafted rookie Elias Harris. The Lakers are expected to play without star player Kobe Bryant (hurt Achilles tendon), but Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and the rest of the purple-and-gold will try to keep their team afloat until the ‘Black Mamba’ returns on the floor.

    via NBA News : Sports : Latinos Post.

    • 63Footer (Die! Rector! Die!)

      63Footer 4:35 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him…” Careful what you wish for Jim. And Mike.

      • tate793

        tate793 5:06 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        When did they sign Kelly?

        • NuggetsCountry (Director)

          NuggetsCountry 6:51 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          They haven’t! I keep saying this like some sort of mantra, but it is stated by some in here that it is a given he is on the team. He is not. I can’t see it, until they actually sign him for the season. He isn’t even on the training camp roster, yet!!!!

          • tate793

            tate793 7:05 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            There are 14 signed players and Kelly isn’t one of them. Blake, Bryant, Farmar, Gasol, Harris, Henry, Hill, Johnson, Kaman, Meeks, Nash, Sacre, Williams and Young.

            • arliepro

              arliepro 9:13 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink

              Kelly’s medical condition might force him to play in the D-League or overseas this year, when he’s actually ready.

    • KB Blitz 6:29 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Of course perfect.

      All jumpers. No defense.

      And low % dudes too.

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 4:26 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink  

    Kevin Ding, Popular LA Lakers Columnist for OC Register, Jumps Ship for Bleacher Report's Lack of Paywall 

    If there was one group of Orange County Register reporters that was nearly universally opposed to the erection of a paywall earlier this year, it was its sports team, the one section of the newspaper we have consistently cited as great–because it is. With the exception of the paper’s film critic, their coverage of the region’s major-league teams and Division I colleges is the only one that attracts a national audience–and that national audience disappeared once they had to pay for articles. As a result, the Reg’s sports reporters have grumbled to their peers and to bosses, all without avail.

    Now comes word that one of their most popular columnists, award-winning Los Angeles Lakers reporter Kevin Ding, is jumping ship for the sports website Bleacher Report–and while I’m sure money was ultimately the motivating factor, sources tell the Weekly that Ding had been one of the loudest critics of the Reg’s paywall in the newsroom.

    Sources tell the Weekly that Ding wasn’t happy with other nanny-state moves by the Register that cracked down exclusively on the sports section. Reporters are now required to inform their bosses of any freelancer offers, which Ding was for Bleacher Report since the beginning of the year. They’ve also reportedly told sportswriters (like Ding) to stop tweeting links to their stories via Sulia, a social-networking services that pays users per click, and start tweeting the Reg’s blocked URLs.

    via Kevin Ding, Popular LA Lakers Columnist for OC Register, Jumps Ship for Bleacher Report’s Lack of Paywall.

    • Seely_Iggy (Director)

      Seely_Iggy 6:58 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      So glad to hear this. He has a large following but no one would pay to just read his articles no matter how good. The rest of the writers there are…. meh. And Janis Carr can stay right where she is, cos she has my vote for the lamest sports writer covering the Laker’s beat.

    • arliepro

      arliepro 9:18 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Bleacher Report is lucky to get the Dinger, one of the best Lakers beat writers around. I rarely read Bleacher Report, but will have to read KD’s stories for sure!

    • Magic Phil

      Magic Phil 11:56 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Whatever side you are on this issue, the truth is that the OC Register just lost a great writer. I’ll look up for his articles online, wherever it is.

    • humanomaly 2:06 PM on September 10, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Congrats to Kevin Ding…a great writer and a class guy!!! Writing for the OC Register was not giving him the exposure he deserved…He has some of the best insight, and is unbiased and absolutely not malicious like the guy on the LA Times…

  • LakerTom (Publisher) 3:51 PM on September 7, 2013 Permalink  

    Details of Odom’s harrowing drug habit emerge 

    Former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom’s crack cocaine and heroin habit is so bad, a source told TMZ, his drug dealer has cut him off.

    The celebrity website reported its source said Odom’s longtime supplier had grown worried he might wind up on police radar if the NBA star should overdose.

    Odom’s wife, television personality Khloe Kardashian, did not know exactly where he was this week, the report said.

    A source close to Kardashian and Odom told the New York Daily News Kardashian did not believe Odom was drying out in rehab.

    “She is just exhausted,” the insider said. “She doesn’t think he went to rehab … I don’t think anyone knows where he is at this point.”

    It has been a long summer for Odom, 33, who is a free agent this year, and had been considered a possible candidate for the Lakers. He was arrested for drunken driving last month and has apparently been holed up in hotel rooms while friends try to talk him into getting help in one of those rehabs centers.

    TMZ said Odom last week was calling his supplier constantly and ordering larger amounts of crack.

    The drugs might not have been exclusively for Odom. The New York Daily News said reports from various media sources indicate he was spending around $800 a day and partying hard with people he barely knew.

    via Details of Odom’s harrowing drug habit emerge | Big News Network.

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