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  • tate793

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    It ain’t that complicated…

    • LakerTom (Publisher) 9:23 AM on October 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Haha. ?Good one, Tate. I used that same offense for my grandson’s CYO team that won the championship and actually used that exact same cheat sheet as a guide.

      Did you notice last night that we ran a couple of 5-out sets? Love all 5 guys behind the arc and the paint completely wide open. It’s why I would love Kuzma to start at the 4 instead of Randle or Nance.

  • tate793

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    • mud

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      • keen observer

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        Funny how our previous real President went about doing his job quietly without fanfare on this issue, yet the Braggart-In-Chief nutsack can’t help himself and is taking credit for 90% of which led to this. What a dick and nuts.

        • DJ2KB24

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          Oh but Keeno, I can’t wait to get my Middle Class Tax Cut! I’m gonna be RICH!!

          • keen observer

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            It’s Nervous Time!

            • Magicman (Editor)

              Magicman (Editor) 5:24 PM on October 13, 2017 Permalink

              First time he’s ever used that word on here :)

        • mud

          mud 9:02 PM on October 12, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          they both are very good at their jobs.

        • For whom the bell trolls 9:22 PM on October 12, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Well if you put your nation into such a position as it is now, I’d be as quiet as a mouse too.

          • NBA4ever

            NBA4ever 9:30 AM on October 13, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            mud and trollman are jockstrap apologist… It’s sickening but yeah her emails and Benghazi!

            • mud

              mud 1:07 PM on October 13, 2017 Permalink

              i keep telling you to keep me out of your bigotry. i’m not in your box.

      • DJ2KB24

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        I think Gen Westmoreland said the same thing in Viet Nam. Shame on Johnson and Nixon! Watching the Ken Burns Viet Nam.

    • keen observer

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      An old Nixon joke.

    • tate793

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      The condition the nation is in now is a travesty -- perpetrated by Trump. Obama cleaned up Bush’s mess, restored the economy, housing market, rescued WS and the auro industry. Well respected around the world, except by bigoted, racist crackers.

      • keen observer

        keen observer 7:20 AM on October 13, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Common knowledge to anyone with a brain, Mr. Tate. People forget that we were a laughingstock around the world under W and that Mrs. Clinton’s biggest job as Sec’y of State was to repair relationships and earn back the world’s respect, which she did tirelessly. But her emails. But Benghazi. I’m nauseated by the what the GOP machine has done to us.

    • For whom the bell trolls 9:50 AM on October 13, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      So in 9 months Trump has made this country a travesty? You’re a joke.

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 1:18 PM on October 13, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The W bashing is interesting.

      Though, he never disrespected the office. And he hasn’t taken shots at either of his successors.

    • tate793

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      “So in 9 months Trump has made this country a travesty? You’re a joke.”

      Welp, the hit dog yelps the loudest. The rock must have found one of the“bigoted, racist crackers.”

      • For whom the bell trolls 10:04 PM on October 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        With every continuing word that comes out of your mouth shows who’s the real bigot. You just can’t help yourself can you tate. Worst thing is you are as transparent as these groups promoting violence and hatred. Next to Jesus, MLK is the most influential person in my life. I feel sorry for you. You are a lost soul whose anger and hatred rule you.

    • tate793

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      That rock must have disrupted your brain waves toiletman. I know it hurt when it exposed your hidden agenda. Look in the mirror, tm, and ask yourself: “Why so much disdain for Obama?” Actually, we already know why, don’t we?

      And, for the record, I’m not a “lost soul”. My salvation is assured. Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself.

      As for me -- I know in whom I have believed, and, am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that Day.

      Remember. You attacked me. Twice. Then you yelp and whimper when faced with the consequences. No real Christian could support the hedonistic Trump.

      • For whom the bell trolls 10:59 PM on October 14, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I have no agenda I just want people to live together in peace. Your problem is that if I don’t agree with you I”m a racist cracker? Do you think of yourself as a “real” christian? Why can’t I argue that Obama wasn’t the best, he surely has done very questionable things while in office along with the good. Are you so insecure with your position and yourself that you have to play the victim card because i have an alternate viewpoint?
        I attacked you twice, puhleeze,
        I have no idea where Trump is taking us or if he is a racist or hedonistic. Just do me a favor and listen to this radio show and I in return will listen to anything you have to offer


    • tate793

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      1. Whether, or not, personn is a Christian is solely based upon their relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing more, nothing less.

      2. You being a racist cracker has nothing to do with whether, or not, you agree with me. It’s more based on your not being big enough to acknowledge Trump’s racism. If you don’t denounce it, you’re one.

      3. From a hater’s viewpoint, nearly everything Obama did was “questionable”, damnable or wrong. The repubs firmly positioned themselves diametrically opposed to everything, and anything, that Obama tried to do. Even if it hurt the country, opposing Obama was the primary objective.

      Tell me, what did Obama do that was questionable? For the record, I don’t subscribe to the theory that I am a victim.

      4. Lastly, you are either supremely stupid, or, one lying @$$h0le if you say that you don’t know if Trump is a racist or hedonistic. Both characteristics are dubiously obvious.

      5. The fact that you would subscribe to anything Mark Levin spews, or, suggest that I listen to him, is laughable. Next, you’ll be suggesting Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon or the John Birch Society.

    • tate793

      tate793 10:03 AM on October 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      No, tm, I’d much rather hear it from you. Are you so insecure that you can’t present your own viewpoint and have to solicit the syndicated podcast of some right wingnut?

    • For whom the bell trolls 1:40 PM on October 15, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Man, you are just filled with hatred and preconceptions and blind to your own prejudices. The truth hurts you so much you have become what you supposedly stand against. Name calling is so juvenile. Tate, what left wing-radical do you listen to? Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison, Gwen Moore?
      Since you like to make assumptions I’ll follow suit. I bet you agree with the violent agenda of left wing groups. You wish someone would assassinate Trump. You hate the white man but are to afraid to admit it.
      That’s all ok because you, like me, have been manipulated by the true enemy pulling the strings whose main goal is to keep this bickering going while they go about controlling the world.
      May peace and understanding find you someday.

    • tate793

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      I don’t hate anybody. I hate what some people do, and what some people say, but I became adept at idenyifying friend and foe, and dealing with them accordingly. I don’t listen to any left wing radicsls. I’m more of a centrist. Maintaing an objective and pragmatic perspective gives me the best vantage point. I am not afraid to admit anything. I disdain racist, bigoted, hate mongers. And, again, if you can’t accept Trump’s nihilism and hedonistic oligarchy, you’re as much a part of the problem as anh other deplirable fascist. I’m not manipulated by anyone, but my wife and family. And, that’s because I enjoy it. I feel sorry for anyone that is controlled by strings, be they obvious or invisible. The jungles of Vietnam dictated that one learn the lessons of discipline or suffer the consequences. Having done such, I am totally at peace and enjoy it immensely. You have my prayers.

  • tate793

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    • keen observer

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      Well done, Mr. Tate. Few words.

    • GDUBinDC

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      What really stands out is how the hell he got all those weapons and ammo in all those suitcases into the hotel without raising the alarm of hotel staff or security. Don’t they have surveillance cameras all over the place in those Vegas casinos?

      • mud

        mud 2:06 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        yes, and cops everywhere who took forever to respond.
        FEMA drill just happened to be going on…again…

        • GDUBinDC

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          Yup, those ‘drills’ seem to have an uncanny sense of timing in relation to some of these mass shootings, something the mainstream media rarely, if ever, bothers to mention.

          • mud

            mud 2:17 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            shootings, bombings, buildings falling down…

            all the super knowledgeable internet heroes don’t seem to know any history. they don’t know about the school bus bombings used by the CIA to get rid of the Shah of Iran(admitted by the CIA on their own website). they don’t know about Pearl Harbor or the Gulf of Tonkin(this attack didn’t even happen, but it took the USA into Vietnam for 14 years), or the history of Venice.

            the Eloy didn’t know what the Morlocks were up to either. people think that Wells was strictly a Sci-Fi guy, but his real job was the Queen’s futurist and most of his important books were NON-fiction. the fiction is more popular, of course.

            hey! if it’s on TV, then it MUST be real, right?

            • GDUBinDC

              GDUBinDC 1:42 PM on October 10, 2017 Permalink

              It’s real to those who refuse to use their brains.

      • LakerTom (Publisher) 2:07 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        We’ll soon have metal detectors at every high rise to try and prevent this.
        Guy had supposedly checked out high rises across from Fenway!

        • mud

          mud 2:11 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          whatever. i’m not even convinced that the dead guy was the actual shooter. he was finished shooting for almost an hour before the cops went into the room.

          anyway, Vegas HAS the security to notice almost 50 long guns and 200lbs of ammo…

          metal detectors will slow YOU down, but somehow the dastardly will still find a way.

          • keen observer

            keen observer 2:45 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            It’s not a one way argument. The “dastardly” need the tools to find a way. Making the tools much less accessible will slow them down even further and stop most. It’s common sense sh!t.

            • mud

              mud 3:10 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink

              there are twice as many guns in the USA as people. all you will do by limiting guns is keep them out of the hands of those who aren’t a threat.

            • keen observer

              keen observer 6:27 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink

              That’s just your opinion, man. So you just throw your hands up and let the mass killings continue and do nothing about it. Now there’s some solid thinking. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

            • mud

              mud 1:57 PM on October 10, 2017 Permalink

              it’s also not my opinion. it’s what happens everywhere there is gun control. the normal people don’t have them, but the criminals, including those criminals in the police and military and mafias have plenty. every monarchy and principality removes weapons from the population as they are the ones most in danger of an armed populace. that is one of the key points about the difference between a free society and a controlled one. i would rather be free, even with the possible dangers. i don’t need a “Council of the Wise” to think for me.

          • mud

            mud 1:52 PM on October 10, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            mass killings are mostly manufactured.
            explain to me why these are brand new when the technology has existed for 100 years. what has changed? psych meds? yes, the current shooter was on psych meds, just like all the others. why don’t people just go crazy over here where i am? there are a lot more guns including AR15s here than L:A, i can promise you that. nobody does those things here. people don’t just go haywire simply because a gun exists.

            besides, if it’s just about mayhem, there are plenty of way to commit that.

    • tate793

      tate793 8:05 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Conspiracy? There could very well have been multiple players/shooters/participants in the room that disappeared after the fact.

      • GDUBinDC

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        Not only in the room, but possibly in the crowd itself.

  • tate793

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    • AK27

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    • mud

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      those people that will comply will be the same ones that own guns and don’t go around killing people, i.e. almost all gun users. the insane and criminal and extremely stupid will go on as usual. “gun control” is a nice theory, but it has as much chance of stopping murder as “the war on drugs” stopped drug users or “prohibition” stopped alcohol use. it is a pointless endeavor. there are rules enough.

      • tate793

        tate793 9:40 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Recent repeal of laws that made it unlikely that the mentally prohibited could purchase a firearm shows the lack of common sense, and/or willful intent for a flaming idiot to be entitled and able to purchase a firearm. Life preceeds liberty.

    • tate793

      tate793 10:11 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The whole point is to take a good close look at every individual that wants to purchase a firearm. Weed out those that would present with a likelihood of danger due to a verifiable mental instability. It’s not, so much, “gun” control, as it is “people” restrictions.

      • mud

        mud 10:23 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        well, like i keep saying…
        there is no gun registration here where i am. you can have a concealed carry permit just by asking for it. there is only a basic 10 day check when purchasing. everyone around this area has multiple guns. there just aren’t shootings around here. it’s not like when i lived in an area that was very strict about weapons, Long Beach, a place where there were shootings daily(at least near my home of 20 years).

        i’m good with teaching gun safety in schools. if the guns weren’t such sexy contraband, a 16 year old won’t be as likely to play evil games with them, just remembering my wicked fun with guns as a young man…the kids here wouldn’t consider doing the things i did with friends…

    • tate793

      tate793 11:09 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You must have lived in a bad neck of the woods. I spent some years in Long Beach. I, too, had fun with guns as a kid, thank goodness we had the chance to grow up and mend our ways.

      • mud

        mud 12:32 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        true on both counts.
        10th and Cherry

        • tate793

          tate793 1:26 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Yeah, that was a marginal area. There were worse areas, but I can see why you would say that. Back in the day, there was a Ralph’s on the corner.

          • mud

            mud 11:32 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Ralphs is on Anaheim near Redondo.
            the market at 10th and Cherry is a Gonzales Market, i believe. when i moved there, they had just removed the barricade on St Louis used to stop the drive-byes. my alley had been a bloodbath several times in the past, but that was before i got there. it was mostly families, but some of the kids were pretty stupid. i had been threatened with my porch burning if i didn’t let certain little gangsters do what they wanted on it, so i got the gasoline for the lawn mower and set the porch on fire with them on it all by myself. i then put the fire out and apologized. never had another problem…the same with the boys who broke bottles in the alley. once i sat next to the ringleader with a BIG knife quietly in his side, he realized that he was not doing right and he cleaned up the glass and went forward to have a decent life. kids need guidance and surprisingly, if they know there’s love, they appreciate being corrected.

            a young man that i helped out(he stayed with us for a few months) decided to sell weed and was robbed on his bicycle. the robber shot him in the gut and it went out his a*s. that was many years ago and he’s fine now, but stuff happens.

            nope, it wasn’t the worst spot in Long Beach, and actually, i enjoyed my time there, and all in all, Long Beach treated me very well.

    • tate793

      tate793 1:37 PM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      In the late 50s and early 60s it was a Ralph’s (or possibly, Boy’s). Gonzales, like 32’s, Cardenas, North Gate, Ranch and El Super were all Johnny-come-lately’s.

      • mud

        mud 1:03 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        for sure.
        it became Gonzales/North Gate a couple of years ago. before that it was another odd chain that i can’t remember right now. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was Ralph’s or Boy’s back then. i think it was a “decent neighborhood” back then, too(no gangs or robberies).

  • tate793

    tate793 3:04 AM on October 7, 2017 Permalink  

    • mclyne32 (Director) 12:28 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Because it’s our right as an American Citizen based on the Constitution.

      • DJ2KB24

        DJ2KB24 12:34 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Well regulated militia, right to bear arms. They had no idea of any type of rapid fire guns. I have no problem with gun owners. My Dad and Brother hunted all the time. Question, can I have a Rocket-Launcher? Don’t tell me it’s against the law.

        • John M.

          John M. 12:53 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          If the purpose of a militia, per its definition, is to aid the military in case of an emergency, then you may have a boatload of rocket launchers, my friend. Because the idea of ordinary citizens bringing only their rifles and handguns is preposterous.

    • GDUBinDC

      GDUBinDC 12:33 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It is and always has been a gun culture in this country. Even if u banned guns now, what about all the guns that r already out there, including so-called ‘assault weapons’?

      BTW, were u aware that 2/3 of all gun murders r due to suicides?

    • GDUBinDC

      GDUBinDC 12:37 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention the 400,000 guns that r stolen every year.

      • DJ2KB24

        DJ2KB24 12:39 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Can I take a AR-15 into Congress? That’d be a big fat NO! Why, surely not a Gun Control law that stops me from my right to bear arms. It’s complicated, huh?

        • GDUBinDC

          GDUBinDC 1:10 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          It’s a distraction as far as I’m concerned, Deej.

          I believe that whole Mandalay Bay incident was nuthin’ more than a psy-op.

          • mud

            mud 1:29 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            that appears to be fairly obvious…

            • GDUBinDC

              GDUBinDC 1:30 PM on October 9, 2017 Permalink

              Yup, it seems more and more people r ‘woke’ … or at least awakening.

    • mud

      mud 1:05 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      an AR15 is just a regular rifle.
      semi auto weapons have worked exactly the same way for 100 years or more.
      the AR15 just looks scary since it has a metal or plastic stock and a pistol grip.
      the Ruger Mini 14 uses the EXACT same bullets, firing mechanism and magazines, but it has a wooden stock. it is EXACTLY as deadly, but the AR15 is called an “assault rifle” by the press and the Mini14 is called a “hunting rifle”. both are just ordinary rifles.

      • mud

        mud 1:29 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        the Vegas shooter(assuming he’s the guy that actually did all the shooting and wasn’t simply the dead guy in the room) is said to have used a belt-fed machine gun and “bump stocks”. the machine gun is a two man operation, no matter what hollywood shows, and bump stocks are legal until they’re on an AR15, when they become illegal unless the user has a permit for machine guns. that means that the guns used were illegal weapons.

        machine guns require a full FBI backround check that takes over a year. the shooter was not licensed for machine guns. again, laws would not have helped, because those guns were illegal.

        a 64 year old, non-athletic man trundled 25-40 long guns, some fairly heavy like the machine guns, and at least 1500 rounds to his room. 1500 rounds for the AR15 are like 150 pounds. machine gun belt-fed rounds are MUCH heavier. in spite of strict surveillance, nobody noticed.in spite of heavy police presence, it took almost 15 minutes to find the shooter, at which time he was done and probably dead. 72 minutes later, they burst in the door. law wouldn’t help there either.

        that VERY same day, the National Association for Gun Rights was completing a fund drive to begin a COMPREHENSIVE ad-blitz campaign the next day for the purpose of defunding the UN Small Arms Treaty, a worldwide database for the purpose of disarming private weapons, paid for by the USA.

        truthfully, i have no idea what any of this means, but i don’t feel comfortable with the story i’ve been told, not when there is pretty strong evidence, even from police communications, that there were more shooters. i do know that soldiers would not be expected to fire 1000 rounds of machine gun fire in a sitting, because it’s physically too demanding. it’s like a jackhammer to the shoulder. i do know that belt feed machine guns need an assistant to feed properly. the job seems overwhelming for the guy in question, but that might not mean it’s impossible.

        in any case, it appears that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

        i do know that every time in history there has been a massive private weapons confiscation, there has been massive mayhem. Turkey, Russia, China, Nazi Germany, Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, etc.

        “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjected peoples to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or police.” — Adolph Hitler, Edict of March 18, 1938

        “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA. Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State” — Heinrich Himmler

        “All military type firearms are to be handed in immediately…The SS, SA and Stahlhelm give every respectable German man the opportunity of campaigning with them. Therefore any one who does not belong to one of the above named organizations and who unjustifiably nevertheless keeps his weapon…must be regarded as an enemy of the national government.” — Director, SA Oberfuhrer Bad Tolz, March 1933

        funny how the left claims to hate Nazis, yet continuously uses Nazi tactics.

      • keen observer

        keen observer 3:01 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        F*ck the NRA and these pointless weapons and everyone who thinks that the Second Amendment grants everyone the right to own guns. Read the stupid outdated amendment. It says nothing of the sort. These “ordinary rifles” serve no civilian purpose and should be banned for everyone except the military and law enforcement. Your defense of this is plain idiotic, mud. Stick to basketball.

        • mud

          mud 3:08 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          actually, besides looking cool on the mantle or shooting targets, the AR15 is a very good hunting rifle. it’s mainly used for Wild Boar and varmint control in more rural areas like where i am. the AR15 really is just a rifle.

          actually the 2nd amendment specifically denies Congress from infringing on the right to bear arms, period. find the subject, verb, object and prepositional phrase in the sentence.

          also, i agree. the NRA sucks.

          • DJ2KB24

            DJ2KB24 3:10 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Would a Nuk be illegal?

            • mud

              mud 3:43 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink


              even if it wasn’t, that would probably not be a good idea. the enriched uranium would kill the owner while putting it together. also, enriched uranium is awfully difficult to produce and it’s a controlled substance, unlike the steel and plastic in an AR15.

              you know that Afghan rebels were making AK47s in their dirt floor huts during the Soviet era? at least that’s what the 20/20 or 60 Minutes show i saw back in the day showed me. these things really are old tech now. anybody with a basic machine shop and the knowledge can make darned near anything these days. it’s like the “drug war”, an exercise in futility, to eliminate these things. they can only be controlled by the most vicious and draconian measures and even the, the worst people will have plenty.

            • DJ2KB24

              DJ2KB24 4:55 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink

              Okay Muddy, no Nuks for me, lol!

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well) 1:54 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Truth Tate, thanks.

      Mud you’re wrong. Australia 1996. You’re resorting to blanket statements and “facts” as much as anyone here. Let’s just hop off your pedestal and bring it back to hoops dude. You’re talking about separating gun owners by party affiliation, others a re not. Don’t ‘muddy’ the issue further with that kinda BS man, you’re better than that.

      • John M.

        John M. 2:07 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Guns paired with the people who wreak havoc with them are clearly a menace to society. There are no easy solutions, but something needs to be done to stop the innocent from being murdered.

        • mud

          mud 2:17 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          clearly, but thinking there is a political or legal solution is just insanity. the government cannot, nor will it directly protect anyone’s life. it’s just not possible, unless every move by every person is monitored and controlled remotely, or if everyone is locked in their own padded cell..

      • DJ2KB24

        DJ2KB24 2:09 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        What seems weird to me I’ve never heard anyone say take all guns away, I think register, like drivers, is the main theme. But, I sorta understand the NRA protecting almost every owning gun law they can, just like anti-abortion (no abortion after 20 weeks) seems reasonable, but that fears many pro-choice. Every little step….

        • mud

          mud 2:15 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          the NRA is a joke organization. they aren’t helpful to gun owners or to everyone else. they are just a symbol for the press.

          yes, the UN has called for the confiscation of all private guns, but they are doing it in stages. if you want to read all the boring official texts and commentary, it’s possible, but it takes some effort.

          • DJ2KB24

            DJ2KB24 2:44 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Funny, that when I was a young child we were all afraid of Commies (perhaps that hasn’t changed, but in a different way). Then we were all afraid we’d be overwhelmed by Muslims when Obama was Prez. What goes around seems to go around again. Well, I can tell all of you, I ain’t wearing Bell-Bottom pants again!

        • John M.

          John M. 2:15 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          The problem is way deeper than the tools used by the perpetrators. The short answer is the human mind can be the most dangerous weapon of them all.

          • mud

            mud 2:26 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            that is true, but being alive is more dangerous than that.

            it is a falsehood and a conceit to think that everyone should be safe and no one should die. everyone needs to die, eventually. hopefully that is after a long and prosperous life. it’s naive madness to think that it’s possible for everyone to do so. no matter what, if people live, things happen and some of those things lead to death.i fell off of a ladder and broke my foot. circumstances could have been even worse.

            obviously, it is not ok, for people to help others achieve death. obviously, wars and other man-made suffering, bullies and dictators, violent police forces and people wh9o have the temerity to attack other innocent folks need to be stopped, but not at the cost of liberty. when you take away a human’s freedom, not freedom to hurt others, but freedom to live as one sees fit(as long as it doesn’t hurt others), then you murder the human being just the same.

            • John M.

              John M. 3:03 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink

              I don’t know what it is, but I’m looking for something between arming first-graders and a police state. The mental health angle would be a good start.

            • mud

              mud 3:18 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink

              i agree, but not with having mental-health tests. free human beings do not need to resort to this. if one is under the care of a doctor, obviously, it might be best to withhold weapons.

              i think it’s down to what kind of society we make. as long as the anti-hero is cooler than the do-gooder, as long as curses and foul behavior is glorified in the culture, there will be serious mental problems.

              the question is, do humans really want to be responsible for themselves, or do they just want a central authority to do all the thinking and struggling for them? if it’s the latter, then we’ll get what the authorities want, massive depopulation and a chemically and electronically controlled group of automatons that make a beautiful world for those special enough to have inherited it, and who don’t cross any lines. humans will be extinct, but the special neo-humans will be safe.

              freedom and liberty are dangerous and messy. i prefer that over living as a pet.

      • mud

        mud 3:09 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        actually Jamie, you are wrong here. but that’s ok. i understand your fears.

        when did i separate owners by party affiliation? are you under the misconception that i am a Republican?

    • mclyne32 (Director) 7:23 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      This a copy and paste from somewhere else on the interwebs:

      There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed. The U.S. population is 324,059,091 as of June 22, 2016. Do the math: 0.000000925% of the population dies from gun related actions each year. Statistically speaking, this is insignificant! What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 deaths, to put them in perspective as compared to other causes of death:
      • 65% of those deaths are by suicide, which would never be prevented by gun laws.
      • 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and justified.
      • 17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons – better known as gun violence.
      • 3% are accidental discharge deaths.
      So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100. Still too many? Now lets look at how those deaths spanned across the nation.
      • 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago
      • 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore
      • 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit
      • 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years)
      So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws, so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.
      This basically leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation, or about 75 deaths per state. That is an average because some States have much higher rates than others. For example, California had 1,169 and Alabama had 1.
      Now, who has the strictest gun laws by far? California, of course, but understand, it is not guns causing this. It is a crime rate spawned by the number of criminal persons residing in those cities and states. So if all cities and states are not created equal, then there must be something other than the tool causing the gun deaths.
      Are 5,100 deaths per year horrific? How about in comparison to other deaths? All death is sad and especially so when it is in the commission of a crime but that is the nature of crime. Robbery, death, rape, assault are all done by criminals. It is ludicrous to think that criminals will obey laws. That is why they are called criminals.
      But what about other deaths each year?
      • 40,000+ die from a drug overdose–THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!
      • 36,000 people die per year from the flu, far exceeding the criminal gun deaths.
      • 34,000 people die per year in traffic fatalities(exceeding gun deaths even if you include suicide).
      Now it gets good:
      • 200,000+ people die each year (and growing) from preventable medical errors. You are safer walking in the worst areas of Chicago than you are when you are in a hospital!
      • 710,000 people die per year from heart disease. It’s time to stop the double cheeseburgers! So what is the point? If the liberal loons and the anti-gun movement focused their attention on heart disease, even a 10% decrease in cardiac deaths would save twice the number of lives annually of all gun-related deaths (including suicide, law enforcement, etc.). A 10% reduction in medical errors would be 66% of the total number of gun deaths or 4 times the number of criminal homicides ……………. Simple, easily preventable 10% reductions! So you have to ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, why the focus on guns? It’s pretty simple:
      Taking away guns gives control to governments. The founders of this nation knew that regardless of the form of government, those in power may become corrupt and seek to rule as the British did by trying to disarm the populace of the colonies. It is not difficult to understand that a disarmed populace is a controlled populace.
      Thus, the second amendment was proudly and boldly included in the U.S. Constitution. It must be preserved at all costs. So the next time someone tries to tell you that gun control is about saving lives, look at these facts and remember these words from Noah Webster: “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed.”

      • keen observer

        keen observer 7:46 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        You must be a Breitbart dimwit. The sh*t you posted is a lie and needless to say you lack common sense. Watch this and learn something, you awful and very stupid person:

        • mud

          mud 9:19 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          that is not science. it’s not even correct. not about the 2nd amendment and not about AR15s which are GREAT for hunting. a freeborn man doesn’t need to justify his purchase of such a gun, though…

        • mud

          mud 9:20 PM on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          how are the figures and the quote posted a lie? (i do not frequent Breitbart)

        • keen observer

          keen observer 8:39 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          You’re right, it isn’t science. It is simple math. If you take away these fun hunting toys, as you call them, then the lunatics can’t shoot away and kill massive amounts of human beings. It’s a what came first, the chicken or the egg simple concept; in this case is it what came first the assault weapon or the lunatic. It doesn’t really matter, does it? The fact that there is even a discussion on this is nauseating! We should do exactly what Australia did, no ifs, ands or buts. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a lunatic.

          • mud

            mud 2:54 PM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            the numbers that McLyne posted are real and are basic math as well.

            hunting TOYS?
            hunting TOOLS.
            also, a GREAT self defense gun, especially for those in rural areas because the bullet is a pretty small one that women can easily shoot(minor recoil). the penetration of those bullets makes them not so practical in the city, however. that’s ok. people don’t need an excuse to own one.

            the AR15 is EXPENSIVE. they are NOT being used for mayhem in general, unless it’s a big illegal, criminal operation, which would NOT be helped by any kind of gun control.

            no, even without the AR15, people can kill lots of other people. as i keep saying, semi-auto and automatic firearms are not new designs. they have been around for some 100 years or more. machine tools and knowledge are all that it takes.

            Australia is under the Monarchy(or how did the Queen dismiss the entire Australian government in 1975) and the Monarchy is first in wanting to disarm all commoners…the USA exists because the farmers were armed by the businessmen who wanted independence. in return for fighting, those farmers were promised SOVEREIGNTY for themselves. that is why George Washington refused to disarm them and demanded that their rights to remain armed were intact. he refused the presidency unless those rights were confirmed. for those who talk about the inability for the common folk to fight the modern army, this is true, however unless the army wants to kill everyone, and armed population makes military solutions impractical. again, it doesn’t matter. people don’t need an excuse to arm themselves.

            the AR15 is NOT more deadly than other rifles. there is NO SUCH THING as an “assault rifle”. this is an invention of the news.

            as to THIS shooter, it’s not even clear that the man found dead is the actual shooter. since he used machine guns that use belts to feed ammo, he MUST have had a partner if he did the shooting. unlike in Hollywood, REAL belt-fed machine guns need another person to feed the gun. also, 10 minutes of shooting one makes a trained, fit soldier too exhausted to move. have they changed their mind about the machine guns actually being there? well, first it was 10 guns, then it was 28, now it’s 40, all brought through the lobby with no alert to the security that is among the tightest in the world.

            i get it Keen, you are very frightened. you should come here to Northeast Washington where guns are as common as water. then you could see that murder is not the automatic result of owning a firearm. your fear is not a good reason to disarm free men and women. those “toys” used for massive mayhem have by and large been ILLEGAL. the Vegas guns were ILLEGAL. how would a law help stop a person who is BREAKING laws?

            i don’t think that people SHOULD be armed. but i do think that people can make this decision themselves. if this society is too immature to make the decision, the solution is to allow the society to mature, not to keep them as pablum guzzling grown CHILDREN.

        • mclyne32 (Director) 2:13 PM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Those are facts, you fool.
          All of your “science” won’t be able to save you.

      • John M.

        John M. 11:49 AM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        One can defend his right to own guns all he wants, but the part about resisting a modern army is ridiculous.

        • tate793

          tate793 2:38 PM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Get’s to be a slippery slope when we go telling other countries what they can and can’t have/or do. Telling them they can’t arm themselves with their weapons of choice, all the while allowing people to possess weapons that are contraindicated given their mental, or criminal history. Also need stricter guidelines in the hiring of LE personnel.

    • tate793

      tate793 3:20 PM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      • mud

        mud 3:34 PM on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply


        his gun jammed both times. he also had 2 helpers and complained about the weight. also, look at his arm and shoulder move, ouch. a 64 year-old, non athletic man would have had a hard time.

        that gun is also illegal unless one has been through an extensive FBI background check, something the FBI has confirmed the Vegas shooter did not have.

        it’s pretty obvious that that is not a necessary weapon for the masses.

  • tate793

    tate793 2:38 AM on October 6, 2017 Permalink  

    Tom “Great win, DJ! All Rise! We’re going all the way”.

    DJ “LT, this so hard for me……..”


  • tate793

    tate793 5:24 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink  

    Spilled Milk 


    • mud

      mud 12:23 PM on October 1, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      yes, it is.
      it’s important to remember history, but it’s also important to live now and move into a good direction in the future. most people are decent of all sizes, shapes and colors. as always, it only takes a few ***holes to wreck things for everyone.

      nothing to be done but to wipe the mess up and pour a fresh glass…

  • tate793

    tate793 3:04 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink  

    Paul George: “Commitment shown by OKC has been off the ‘charts'” 

    Royce Young
    ESPN stafff Writer

    OKLAHOMA CITY — All-Star forward Paul George said Saturday that Russell Westbrook’s five-year extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder will “absolutely” factor into his decision on his own future next summer.

    “We’ve been on an unbelievable start right now, and for him to be committed here, it says a lot,” George said. “Not only in us pairing together, but just knowing what type of dude Russ is and his values and his beliefs and him being committed to this organization says a lot. And I’m one person that’s enjoying it here, so I think when that time comes, the decision will be easier to make for myself.”

    How Westbrook became the $205 million face of Oklahoma City
    After locking up a massive long-term deal, Russell Westbrook has another mission: Make his new superteam last.
    On Friday, Westbrook, the reigning MVP, inked the largest deal in NBA history: a five-year extension on his current contract worth $205 million.

    “From the commitment from the front office all the way down to Russ, the commitment here is off the charts,” George said.

    George will hit unrestricted free agency next summer, and there is plenty of buzz circulating around the league about where he’ll end up. Many presume he has an eye on his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. The Thunder traded for George hours before free agency opened last July, knowing his future was uncertain. George said in July when he was introduced that maybe he would make a decision in concert with Westbrook next summer, but that scenario is now off the board with Westbrook’s extension already done. George said he wasn’t surprised Westbrook committed early.

    “I had a feeling he wanted to remain a Thunder,” George said. “But again, you let guys deal with their situations, and that’s what it was. He had to make his decision.”

    Westbrook signed an extension last summer in the wake of Kevin Durant’s departure to the Golden State Warriors, but with an opt-out next summer, the Thunder were facing the possibility of Westbrook, George and new addition Carmelo Anthony (player option) all hitting the open market and leaving next July. Now, with Westbrook locked up, the Thunder’s long-term outlook is in a much more stable position.

    “I was happy, I was happy,” Anthony said. “Everybody should be happy, everybody should be excited about right now [and] the future. He’s the cornerstone of this organization, and he’s proven that yesterday by agreeing to that deal not only showing this organization his commitment, but showing [Oklahoma City] his commitment to them, too.”

    While Westbrook’s future is settled and George’s now lurches to the forefront, Anthony dismissed any talk of what he might be thinking long term.

    “I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m not even answering those questions,” Anthony said. “I don’t even want to touch those questions right now. I don’t even want to alter my focus and my vision right now, being in training camp and trying to get things rolling, trying to establish/re-establish something here.”

    Still, with Westbrook now under contract with the Thunder through the 2022-23 season, the Thunder’s prospects to retain their stars becomes a much stronger proposition.

    “Yeah, I got phone calls yesterday. I got a lot of phone calls yesterday,” Anthony said, laughing. “I didn’t text them back, but I got a lot of phone calls.”

    Westbrook is still sitting out training camp following a PRP injection in his left knee last week. He did not speak with reporters Saturday, but he is scheduled to do so Sunday following a community event and intrasquad scrimmage at a local high school.


    • mclyne32 (Director) 5:12 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      With Russ agreeing to pretty much finish out his career in OKC, I expect PG to stay as well.
      Like I’ve always said, you can’t just hope that top tier talent chooses us. If you aren’t willing to trade for them, you gamble. If said player likes his new surroundings, his new owner, and guys he’s playing with, then you lose out.
      Now, who’s LeBron going to team up with?
      Does he even have a relationship with him?
      Do we want take the risk with his attitude.
      By not trading for PG when we had the chance, we may have blown our opportunity to form a super team.

      • LakerTom (Publisher) 6:14 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I’ve had the same thoughts, Matt, and was in favor of trading for PG and even LeBron, especially if the guys we were trading were guys we would have to move to have the cap space to sign them as free agents. And you get them a year earlier and younger.

        Then again, maybe some of those guys will wow us starting tonight. Lots of cases where the best trade you made was the one you didn’t make. That’s what I’m hoping for with Randle and Clarkson.

        I’m not sure PG will stay though. He can be #1 with Lakers. How’s he going to win MVP like he says he wants playing with Russ and Melo? The potential problem is obviously being the third wheel behind Russ and Melo. It will be interesting to see if they can work it out just it will be with CP3 and Harden.

        • Magicman (Editor)

          Magicman (Editor) 6:30 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Melo’s the 3rd wheel, Tom.

          I’m prob one of his biggest fans. He’s 33 and his knees are shot. He’ll be a glorified PF in this Offense. Might average 15/6.

          This isn’t 2008 Melo.

          • LakerTom (Publisher) 6:36 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            It’s a grand experiment and I compliment Sam on going for it but I think it’s 50/50 to end disastrously on the court but will be a winner off the court because it saved Russ from leaving.

    • NBA4ever

      NBA4ever 7:34 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      LeBron and Cousins

      • Magicman (Editor)

        Magicman (Editor) 7:58 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Really premature on this narrative. So, it may happen. Or the Pelicans are competitive. I think more the latter right now.,

      • keen observer

        keen observer 10:00 PM on September 30, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply


  • tate793

    tate793 8:34 PM on September 27, 2017 Permalink  

    Hugh Heffner R.I.P.


  • tate793

    tate793 3:14 PM on September 24, 2017 Permalink  

    Dan Rather

    It’s football Sunday, and I have a pit in my stomach, and a sickening sense of deja vu. Who knows what the day will bring?

    I do know the source of my disquiet. It is the stench of bigotry as a demagogue stirs the potent cauldron of racial division. I want to say, this is so unnecessary. We have so many other things we should be worrying about. But of course now this is real, and it must be called out. This is an age when no one can be neutral. To remain silent in the face of race-baiting is to be complicit. And I have seen the cost of complicity. It is ugly.

    On Friday night, and then in a chain of tweets (what else) President Trump targeted African American athletes for provocation and ridicule. He has called into question their Americanness, as he called into question the Americanness of his predecessor President Obama. Perhaps what is saddest about this moral cowardice is that Mr. Trump may derive some political gain from these attacks amongst his supporters, but he fails in the test of leadership. Big time. For a President to be doing this – pouring gasoline on the embers of racial resentment – is really unspeakable. Instead of trying to reduce the potentially explosive emotions about race, he is trying to exacerbate them for his own gain.

    I have seen this game plan before. My mind is transported across the decades. I hear the adjective “uppity”, and much worse. I see the mouths of authority curl with disdain and mutter “what do you think you’re doin’, boy?” – the last word spit out in disgust.

    I feel time click into rewind, to when African Americans weren’t thought of as being “smart” enough to play quarterback, to when there was a “gentlemen’s agreement” amongst college basketball coaches to the total number of African American players on the court. Backwards still to all-white teams, and all-white leagues. I remember Jackie Robinson, and a time before someone of his skin color dared to think he could earn a living as an athlete in the United States.

    I know this history. And so does Donald Trump. He understands how salient the trope of the “angry black man” is. It was said of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other now-revered leaders of the civil rights struggle. It is so ingrained in our history that it can become resonant even in those who say they aren’t bigoted. So Mr. Trump plucks at it. He knows that he can use the American flag as a symbol of division and not unity. So he sows that thought.

    I grant that there are many who are offended by players taking a knee during the National Anthem. That is their right, as it is the right of those who protest to have their speech protected. This is how we discuss our differences peacefully in a democracy. But calling out these players as S.O.B.s (but using the actual profane words) who should be fired, that’s a pointed attack on our Constitutional rights. And it is summoning the dark shadows of centuries of racial stereotyping. Let’s just say I have seen plenty of white S.O.B.s in sports who have been given awards rather than pink slips.

    President Trump is not trying to win over the majority of the American people. He wants to animate his base and bask in its approval. Will his supporters in Congress continue to stand by in tell-tale silence? Will his donors, including some of the owners of professional sports teams?

    We are not a nation of majority bigots. The strident ranks of the intolerant can be overwhelmed by enough people agreeing that this is not who we are, or who we want to be. Mr. Trump’s cheers can be drowned out by a chorus of justice.

    And one final thought, we have seen these distractions before. As Mr. Trump dominates the news cycle over race, as he issues bellicose threats to North Korea, one wonders what bombshells may be brewing in the Russia investigation, which seems to be gaining speed and scope.

  • tate793

    tate793 1:26 AM on September 24, 2017 Permalink  

    • GDUBinDC

      GDUBinDC 5:43 AM on September 24, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply


    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 9:06 AM on September 24, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Exactly what 45 is inciting right now.

    • mclyne32 (Director) 1:44 PM on September 24, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The New World order wants this as well. The more countries that fight each other, the easier it will be for the UN to push its agenda of having all countries fall in line under their control.
      Just wait for it: there will be a man who comes on the scene and proposes Peace throughout the World- even between the Jews and Muslims.
      But beware- he will not be who he says he is.

  • tate793

    tate793 8:43 PM on September 21, 2017 Permalink  

    NBA: Refs Can Rule Reckless Closeouts As Flagrants or Techs 

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK — NBA referees will be able to call flagrant or technical fouls on defenders who dangerously close on jump shooters without allowing them space to land, as Zaza Pachulia did on the play that injured San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard in last season’s playoffs.

    Officials will also make sure jump shooters are in their upward shooting motion when determining if a perimeter foul is worthy of free throws, which could cut down on James Harden’s attempts after he swings his arms into contact.

    Leonard sprained his ankle when Pachulia slid his foot under Leonard’s in Game 1 of Golden State’s victory in the Western Conference finals. After calling a foul, officials will now be able to look at replay to determine if the defender recklessly positioned his foot in an unnatural way, which could trigger an upgrade to a flagrant or a technical if there was no contact but an apparent attempt to injure.

    “It’s 100 percent for the safety of the players,” NBA senior vice president of replay and referee operations Joe Borgia said Thursday.

    The NBA had made the freedom to land a point of emphasis for officials a few years ago, because of the risk of injuries. But the play got renewed attention during the playoffs because of Leonard’s injury and also one in which Washington Wizards forward Markieff Morris landed on Al Horford’s foot in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series, knocking him out of a game the Boston Celtics rallied to win.

    Officials can still rule the play a common foul if they did not see a dangerous or unnatural attempt by the defender upon review. Borgia said Pachulia’s foul would have been deemed a flagrant.

    With the fouls on the perimeter shots — often coming when the offensive player has come off a screen and quickly attempts to launch a shot as his defender tries to catch up — officials will focus on the sequencing of the play. The player with the ball must already be in his shooting motion when contact is made, rather than gathering the ball to shoot such as on a drive to the basket.

    “We saw it as a major trend in the NBA, so we had to almost back up and say, ‘Well, wait a minute, this is going to be a trend, so let’s catch up to it,'” NBA president of league operations Byron Spruell said.


    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well) 9:44 PM on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      On the surface I think this is a good idea. Those kind of plays invite the kind of injuries that alter a player’s lives. But ti’s going to be so hard to rule on, potentially even with replay.

      I also feel like they need to give something back to the defender. The vertacility rule is only loosely called, generally only for elite or aging-star centers. Either call palming and/or traveling and force the offense to play within the same rules as the defense or give them a tool in regards to holding defensive position.

      But those double close outs are just dangerous and have no place in the game.

    • mud

      mud 10:01 PM on September 21, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      oh brother.
      will this actually make a better, safer game, or will it just lead to more bad officiating?

    • tate793

      tate793 3:10 AM on September 23, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I think that the fact a move like the one that Pachulia made was designed with the intention of injuring another player. That being the case, a violating player needs to be removed from the game.

  • tate793

    tate793 7:50 PM on September 21, 2017 Permalink  

  • tate793

    tate793 2:18 AM on September 16, 2017 Permalink  

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 1:14 PM on September 16, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Amazing Kobe led this group to 2 Titles.

      This team is less “Top heavy” than the Cavs and Kobe won 2.

      Who knew Derek Fisher was a dirty dog.

      A lot of dirty dogs in there. He ain’t the only one.

      • mclyne32 (Director) 1:41 PM on September 16, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Yeah, no kidding!
        Kobe should have been awarded all three seasons he led this group to the Finals.
        Simply amazing.
        Loved me some Congo Cash!

        • Magicman (Editor)

          Magicman (Editor) 1:58 PM on September 16, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          For sure, Dude.

          Goes to show how much of a force he was. History will say…eventually…what Kobe did with this group going to 3 straight Finals is greater than any Super team getting to 4 or 5 straight.

          And he did it one season with a broken finger. Smh.

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well) 6:50 PM on September 16, 2017 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      My favorite Laker squad. Mainly because they’re the last ones to stuff it in the Celtics ugly green mugs! But Lamar has always been one of my favorite players to watch, made it all look so easy and when he was on he was as unstoppable as any other player.

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