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  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 5:56 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink |  

    Zion not looking too stoked about going to NO instead of NYC.

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 5:58 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’d rather go to Memphis than Nawlins.

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 6:06 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      He definitely woulda preferred NYC…..or LA.

      Or even ATL.

      • Magicman (Editor)

        Magicman (Editor) 6:09 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply


        • DJ2KB24

          DJ2KB24 6:17 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Freaking 5 wins cost us, we coulda been Pels!!! What good is 4?

          • MongoSlade

            MongoSlade 6:19 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            What good is constantly crying over spilled milk?

            • DJ2KB24

              DJ2KB24 6:20 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink

              So why we all crying about the Lakers FO decision making then?

            • MongoSlade

              MongoSlade 6:24 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink

              Because changes in the FO can still be made.
              Can’t go back in time to lose more games tho…
              You got the Time Stone in your pocket or some shyte?…lol

            • DJ2KB24

              DJ2KB24 6:41 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink

              Point I was trying to make in mid March. Play Mo, Williams, Bonga, etc. not KCP and those not coming back. Nah, some on here wanted those worthless wins. Not saying we play to lose, but good chance with those young guys. Let us (Lakers) play SMART now, I hope.

            • MongoSlade

              MongoSlade 6:46 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink

              Again…Luke had no reason to capitulate and help the team about to fire him. In fact, he had more reasons to try and win more games to make him more attractive for his next job.

            • LakerTom (Publisher) 6:51 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink

              Basketball Gods rewarded Lakers for how they finished season!

          • Magicman (Editor)

            Magicman (Editor) 6:20 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            We either get RJ (really good PG) or Cam (really good shooter) or package it for a whale, DJ!

            We can do a lot of exploring.

            There are 4 game changers and I’m tickled pink we slotted in there.

            • DJ2KB24

              DJ2KB24 6:21 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink

              Yes, I’d rather have number 4 than 11, for sure. Let’s see how the FO screws this all up.

    • NBA4ever

      NBA4ever 6:35 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I think it’s great New Orleans got the 1st pick if we didn’t. It makes more sense now for them to trade for some of our young pieces and the #4 pick.

      • LakerTom (Publisher) 6:53 PM on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Good point, Sean. It will also eliminate bitterness that could have prevented them from trading Davis. Now, they can do so and move forward with some good vibes and hopes. Had the Pelicans not gotten the #1 pick, they might have turned down the best offer from the Lakers out of spite. David Griffin will make the trade and before the draft as long as AD remains firm that he’s leaving.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:30 PM on May 13, 2019 Permalink |  


    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 8:33 PM on May 13, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I thought those 3 possessions at crunch time where they couldn’t even get a shot up (once following a damm timeout) were gonna be the nail in his coffin. I don’t think they should blow up that roster but they somebody in there to figure out how to put all those pieces together and make em work.

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 9:06 PM on May 13, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You’d think Elton would want his own man at some point.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 3:54 PM on May 11, 2019 Permalink |  

    Vogel it is… 

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 5:57 PM on May 7, 2019 Permalink  

    A POR/DEN vs TOR/MIL Finals is a nightmare scenario for ABC/ESPN and their advertisers…

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 5:58 PM on May 7, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Regionally the numbers are monstrous though.

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 6:05 PM on May 7, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m not sure they’d be happy about paying $24 billion in tv rights to dominate those 4 regional markets.

      • Magicman (Editor)

        Magicman (Editor) 6:15 PM on May 7, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        There’s was gonna be a dip on the East when LeBron went West.

        Zion proved he’s a Ratings dynamo. Might even out a little if he lands in a Coastal city, again.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 7:35 PM on May 6, 2019 Permalink  

    If Austin Rivers was actually as good as he thinks he is, he’d be the greatest player in NBA history.

    ..and NFL
    ..and MLB


  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 6:56 AM on April 30, 2019 Permalink  

    Warriors go up 2-0 on the Rockets 

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:28 PM on April 26, 2019 Permalink  


    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 8:30 PM on April 26, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m not sure the Dubs win those last 2 rings without KD.

      Also…this likability dynamic is the same reason why Giannis will probably get MVP over The Beard.

    • LakerTom (Publisher) 8:57 AM on April 27, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      They’re ignoring the obvious reason for the discrepancy in coverage.

      Steph’s team won in 6 while Russ’ team lost in 5.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:25 PM on April 26, 2019 Permalink  

    Hey Doc…you know you’re allowed to double-team…right? 

    • MongoSlade

      MongoSlade 8:26 PM on April 26, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      MJ’s playoff record would be in serious jeopardy tonight if this game wasn’t a blowout.
      KD might not play too much in the 2nd half unless the Clipps somehow make it close.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:17 AM on April 20, 2019 Permalink  

    Rob is The Man? 

    Since the 2018-19 NBA regular season ended over a week ago, the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves without a president of basketball operations and head coach.

    As Magic Johnson suddenly resigned, Luke Walton was fired three days later before quickly becoming the new Sacramento Kings head coach.

    With general manager Rob Pelinka conducting the team’s coaching search, there have been questions about if the Lakers will look for Johnson’s replacement.

    Amid conflicting reports, owner Jeanie Buss reportedly has no plans to hire a new president of basketball operations, according to Tania Ganguli and Brad Turner of Los Angeles Times:

    “Buss has no plans to hire someone to replace Johnson, who is still expected to be part of the Lakers’ free-agent recruiting this summer in some capacity.”

    Because the Lakers have stayed quiet since Johnson’s resignation, there has been speculation regarding Pelinka’s role with the team moving forward. While there have also been conflicting reports about his reputation around the league, it appears Buss is empowering Pelinka instead.

    With Buss reportedly having no plans to find Johnson’s replacement, she will be meeting with former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue and Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Monty Williams in what will be their second interviews with the Lakers.

    Considering what is at stake for the Lakers heading into Year 2 with LeBron James, only time will tell if Buss made the right decision.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:07 AM on April 20, 2019 Permalink  


  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 11:19 AM on April 13, 2019 Permalink  

    Just a few thoughts & personal opinions…. 

    This has been an extremely disappointing week to be a Laker fan but based on what we’ve witnessed the last coupla years it really shouldn’t have been totally unexpected…we’ve been heading towards a trainwreck for some time now. But the way Magic chose to exit was extremely damaging because it caught the entire organization flat-footed & ill-prepared. made everybody look like total buffoons, and put a narrow time-frame on building a new front office with the draft & free agency just around the corner. Poorly done

    Luke was on thin ice the second Magic got hired and it got even thinner once Lebron came on board and the philosophy changed from “patience with the youngins” to “we’ll be contending for a title within 2 seasons”. Luke was hired to grow with that group of youngsters (which he’ll get another opportunity to do in SacTown), not to coach a team with established super-duper stars and immediate title aspirations. Luke is a nice guy who the media likes and he handled a difficult situation with class and professionalism..which are the main reasons why so many are in his corner. He’s a decent coach but not enough of a difference maker to overcome the writing that’s been on the wall for 2 years. Luke had to go and Magic’s departure made even more of a sure thing because if you’re trying to lure a top level executive then he’s gonna want to pick his own coach…otherwise you end up with Luke being in the same conundrum he was when Magic came on. It’s actually the most logical thing Jeanie’s done in quite awhile.

    Jeanie continues to look like she’s in over her head and that’s gonna make it hard to recruit a top exec from an already successful situation. I’m just not sure who’s gonna want to work for her..no matter how much money she tries to throw at them. I’ve seen the name Jerry West being thrown around but he seems very happy across the hall. He did a long interview with Stephen A a few weeks ago and it was probably the most positive & optimistic I’ve ever heard him..he absolutely loves the culture being built over there. Pelinka could very well end up being the man just by default…somebody’s gotta come in and unlock the office door every morning. Either him or Kurt Rambis….lol

    So where does this all leave us? Hellifino. But the show will go on, somebody will be running the FO, somebody will be hired to coach, the draft will happen, free agents will be signed, and games will begin in the fall. I’m looking forward to watching the playoffs in the meantime. More importantly…Game Of Thrones is back tomorrow! Valar Morghulis. Bronn is my mufukka…

    • LakerTom (Publisher) 12:11 PM on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      An intelligent and insightful analysis of the Lakers train wreck as usual, Mongo. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post. I’m still hopeful that Jeanie will get so much bad publicity for leaving Rob Pelinka in charge that she will ultimately hire a new president of basketball operations and give them the power to hire her own general mangers and head coach. Lots of Lakers fans are going to be looking for second teams to root for in these playoffs. I think I’m going to cheer for the Bucks and Nets to surprise and the Bucks to win it all.

      • mclyne32 (Director) 3:13 PM on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hard not to root for Giannis.

      • MongoSlade

        MongoSlade 3:33 PM on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I have zero confidence in Jeanie suddenly doing the right thing. When you see a guy taking the Pelicans job over ours it tells you alot about how we’re being perceived across the league. We could wait around for Meyers or Ujiri in June and still come up empty and left scrambling right before the draft & free agency. I’m getting the feeling we end up with Rob or maybe an up & coming young guy.

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well) 7:56 PM on April 13, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Great take on a dark situation, Mongo. I got no positives to add right now but I’m hopeful some form of intelligence begins to reveal itself. If Rob is alreay the one at least announcing coaching changes and not Jeannie or the media people that speaks volumes to me. Indicates Pelinka ain’t going anywhere and will at the very least stay GM. Rambis is a name I both fear and cringe at. It’s getting real hard to understand the Laker aversion to professionals who have done the job, and done it well, for years. Getting really silly and inbred up in the front office and that doesn’t bode well for the future.

    • therealhtj

      therealhtj 3:16 PM on April 14, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Bronn? Yeah, that tracks.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 12:22 PM on April 3, 2019 Permalink  

    This is kinda scary and depressing… 

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 8:12 AM on April 3, 2019 Permalink  

    Zubac with the jabs! 

    “A bunch of fans have come up to me and they say, ‘Why did we trade you? The Lakers front office did the biggest mistake,’” Zubac said Tuesday before the Clippers practiced at their training facility in Playa Vista. “Everyone’s like, ‘We miss you.’ And I always say, ‘I’m on a better team now. You don’t have to be sad for me.’ And I always make sure to tell them, ‘Check our game out if you want to see good basketball.’

    “I always make sure to tell them, ‘If you want to watch playoff basketball, we’re at Staples,’ ” he added.

    “I was taught to hate Clippers, you know, since I was with the Lakers,” he said. “So I never liked Clippers before. But since coming over here, it’s been amazing. The team, the franchise, the organization is like a family, a big family, everyone’s so close and it’s been awesome.”

    “In my two and a half years with the Lakers, I didn’t win much games,” Zubac said. “So winning all these games, it feels great. It got me looking differently at basketball. I don’t care about personal stats or whatever. Winning is the most important thing.”

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 9:02 AM on March 19, 2019 Permalink  


    Just get it over with and shut him down…

    • Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well)

      Jamie Sweet (Local Ne'er-Do-Well) 9:29 AM on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Yup. Get that thing as close to 100% and let’s just close shop on the most lost of recently already lost seasons. This one really stunk the place up..

    • Magicman (Editor)

      Magicman (Editor) 10:08 AM on March 19, 2019 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      At least the Roadies. I can understand a fiduciary responsibility for him to play at home. Makes no sense to play road games.

  • MongoSlade

    MongoSlade 6:09 PM on March 12, 2019 Permalink  

    Sooo…let me get this straight 

    We got rid of Zubac and this Muscala mofo can’t even get into the game?

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