There are a lot of opinions as to what the Lakers rotations should look like. When thinking about it I have to remind myself that it is basically still training camp except the games count. In the past the season wouldn’t even open for another week. I have a feeling that Luke will be mixing it up well into November. Or perhaps he will do like the Warriors do and adjust the bench rotations by match up, using all 12 guys. So my rotation is based upon our opponent today. It probably will change by the game for awhile.

I think only 4 players are locks. Lonzo, Brook, Ingram and KCP. Although I wasn’t real impressed with KCP in camp and he should be looking over his shoulder at Clarkson and Brewer who both have been playing well. I give Nance the start today. After a horrendous pre season he has played well in the last two. If we can get enough offense from the other starters he will probably stick because of defense.

For the bench, honestly I have not been impressed with either back up point guard. I would play Clarkson at the point. He’s been making the effort to make plays for others and he has been our most consistent player through two. I would play Brewer at the 2. His defense has earned him minutes. I would go with Kuzma at the 3 and Randle at the 4. If his head and body are right I think he will get a lot of minutes in this one. Last year he played Cousins as well as can be expected and showed the ability to get into Cousins head and throw him off.
I play Bogut at the 5 because I expect either AD or Cousins to be on the floor most of the times. But I wonder how much he will play this year. Seems like most teams are going small with their 2nd unit. Not a lot of big back ups in the league that you need to worry about. Any way that’s my rotations. Probably will Change by the game for me over the next month at least.