Hi everyone,

I have to jump in here. I haven’t been on in a while, but have certainly been paying attention.

So the rumor is that Lebron might come to the Lakers. And I’m hearing a lot of Laker fans saying that they wouldn’t want Lebron on the Lakers. I’m hearing, “he’s going to be 33”, “I’d rather have Cousins”, “I’d rather have Westbrook”, “we’ll have to pay him too much”…etc.

All I have to say to that is….huh?

Lebron is the greatest player of our generation. He would put us into the championship conversation immediately. I’m having a hard time understanding the logic of “not wanting Lebron James on the Lakers”. I’ll take Lebron at 34-36, with a young Lonzo,a young Ingram and whoever else i.e. Paul George, with some veterans who are looking to win a championship. That’s how you win these days.

This “No Lebron” stuff is crazy to me.

Go Lakers!