Dear guys (or any other lurking Laker ladies), I’m back in the US and staying put here. I returned to Singapore last November. Unfortunately hubby ran into visa issues so returning home to Singapore for good is a no-go. Broke my parents’ hearts to see their daughter leave again. Not to mention my little nephews and nieces in tears to see me go.

But such is life, we can’t always have what we want. Perhaps the powers that be has other plans for me. Anyway, I’m back in Tallahassee with hubby and my cat, Paris Hilton. So this Laker girl is back in the enemy territory of Florida and flying the Laker nation flag proudly.

A good thing that comes from all this is the fact that I can watch live Laker games again. When I was in Singapore, the time difference means most games will be played during my office hours.

Anyway, it’s also good to be back in my other home town of Tallahassee. I’ve missed a lot of things here and also my friends.

But no matter how far I go, or where I live…… Lakers will always be close to my heart. Long live Lakers!!!!!!!