NBA's most talented playmakers!

Earvin “Magic” Johnson, PG

Best season (1985-86 Lakers): 16.4 AST/100 poss, 4.9 TO/100 poss, 45.1 AST%

Magic was the ultimate creator, a brilliant pass-first leader who revolutionized the point guard position. He maximized the Lakers’ influx of talent in the 1980s by pushing the ball up the floor and spreading it around to everyone. With a 6-9 frame and tremendous vision, he routinely made eye-popping passes that were otherwise uncommon for the rest of the league.

Johnson led the NBA in assists per game for four seasons in the ’80s, and he averaged double-digit assists for eight straight seasons from 1983-1991. Those are impressive marks considering the Lakers didn’t utilize many pick-and-rolls or the 3-point line back then.

When Magic was in attack mode, it was impossible for the defense to predict what he’d do. His scoring talent kept opponents honest, and they never knew which direction he would fire the rock. Johnson was great at flipping no-look passes, quick one-handed lasers and behind-the-back passes in transition. He took advantage of his height and long arms to launch 30-foot bounce passes with ease. The Lakers had loads of talent around Johnson, but there would be no Showtime without him.