A rose colored glass half full thing

With all the talked about making space for two max contracts I will offer a different take. I look at the Warriors and unless we have a couple of young players take huge leaps it really doesn’t matter which max guys you sign. They won’t beat the Warriors. So I would stand pat and see how the kids play because it could change the narrative if they play well.

One thing I have noticed is players start to break out from around 23 to 26. It’s not a hard rule but it’s kind of the norm. KCP is 24 and I think was on the cusp of breaking out last year. If he does it offers an interesting problem for management. Now Randle is 22. With the addition of Ball, Lopez and his new body he could be primed for a break out year as well regardless of how well he shoots the 3( I do believe he will shoot at least the 30% that Draymond did) now let’s say Ball has a ROY type year and Ingram steps up big, what do you do next summer?

For me you go hard at Cousins and that’s it. You can’t out Warrior the Warriors so you need to create matchup problems. The Warriors are vulnerable inside and the boards. A combination of Boogie and Randle up front could exploit those weaknesses.

I am not saying they would challange the Warriors in 2018 but as Ball and the kids grow with Boogie on board I think they could by 2019. Ball and Ingram could be superstars and Randle and KCP could be all stars. And Boogie already is. By 2020 we could be the best team in the NBA with a long run ahead.