Lonzo Ball's Court Vision Passes Eye Test

Court vision is a nebulous term but you know it when you see it. The ability to know where all 10 players are on the court is rare. There are perhaps 10 guys in the league with that level of awareness. In addition to awareness, anticipation is a key ingredient. Seeing the play before it develops and reading the defense to make early reads is the difference between Magic Johnson and Dennis Johnson. DJ was a fine point guard, but Magic was magic.

Lonzo Ball just dominated Summer League. I know, it’s just Summer League, but he demonstrated that the court vision he displayed in college should translate to the NBA style of play. His unselfishness with the basketball was on full display and seemed to infect his teammates who all seemed willing to make the next pass.

How well a player sees the floor is, obviously, difficult to quantify. Assist numbers are subjective, with most players getting a friendlier statistician at home than on the road. Court vision is certainly an eye test attribute. Lonzo Ball passes the eye test in every scenario. The ability to see the hit ahead pass is one of the most useful assets for any ballhandler. Lonzo had that ability on full display in Vegas.