5 teams that need to nail the NBA Draft, ranked

1 Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers could survive drafting a bust in June.

The purple and gold are likely going to acquire Paul George’s services next summer, and they already have quite a few promising young players on the roster. Plus, things always seem to work out for the Lakers one way or the other.

If they take Lonzo Ball and he flops, so be it. Los Angeles will move on to the next big thing hardly worse for the wear.

But if the oldest Ball brother is the star LaVar says he is, then the Lakers are about to embark on another championship run.

In fact, having Ball show off his skill as a rookie would further entice George to leave the Pacers for the Lakers in 2018, while showing lesser free agents that Los Angeles is no longer a laughingstock of a franchise.

Ball’s ascent to stardom might even enable Magic Johnson to convince the Buss family to use the stretch provision on Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng, opening up room for a second big-name player to come to Los Angeles with George next summer.

The math would be close, depending on where the salary cap ends up for 2018-19, but you can’t blame a Lakers fan for dreaming big.