Don’t blame Brad Stevens for the Celtics’ 2-0 hole — blame Danny Ainge

Make no mistake, it’s impossible to pin the Celtics’ 2-0 loss solely on Thomas — he’s providing what he’s provided to Boston all season. And without him, the Boston offense wouldn’t be worthy of a playoff spot, much less the No. 1 seed. 

But Thomas has also provided the “defense” he gave the Celtics all season. And that is a major component of the Celtics’ current deficit. 

Simply put, Thomas is a net-zero player in this series, and that’s not a surprising development. 

There are some who believe that Thomas is the worst defensive player in the NBA, and watching this series, it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. 

Thomas cannot guard Rajon Rondo, a point guard whose inability to reliably hit a shot outside of 5 feet made him look destined for China as the NBA’s pace-and-space revolution took hold.