Still makes ZERO sense as to why Icewater Boy is running this team.
Either you have what it takes to be a leader in this game, or you don’t.
He’s shown me that he doesn’t.
He dribbles the ball out of bounds with nobody near him???
He doesn’t know the clock on their final crucial offensive set????
Don’t believe the hype.
He is no Point Guard.
It’s time to move Clarkson to the point.
He can get by most guards.
He can pass.
He can rebound.
He can score.
He makes waaaay less boneheaded plays than Icewater Boy.

Many said that the game has passed by a “slow and “plodding” big who doesn’t shoot threes. A player like Okafor.
That’s garbage rhetoric based on nothing. A post player with a myriad of moves will ALWAYS be valuable in basketball.
The kid will have a long a positive career baring major injury.
Saric looks good as well.