1. This team has a very bright future.

2. Magic is the GOAT. I’m very happy that he is “calling the shots” for the Lakers. I’m sad for Mitch Kupchak as he was a good GM in my opinion, however, it’s a new era for the Lakers. It’s time for some Magic.

3. Jim Buss… the things he did looked good on paper sometimes. But he made too many mistakes, bottom line. Not a basketball guy. Magic is head and shoulders above him. I thought he drafted well though.

4. D’Angelo Russell is making common mistakes for a guy his age. I’m still very high on him and still think he’s an all star in the making. He’s immature, duh!! He’ll grow up. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. I am not worried at all about this sophomore slump. As long as he keeps working, which he is doing as far as I can tell, he’ll be fine. He’s no Kobe, he’s no Curry, not on that level, but he’s going to be good.

5. Julius Randle…I’d like to see him make his layups. As each day passes, he’s becoming the youngster who will be traded for a superstar. He’s good, no doubt about it. But he does not fit the prototypical stretch PF that teams need these days. He’s a tweener who plays a power post game. I want to think he will develop to be able to dominate his peers at his position, but those dudes are big and tall. Julius will always have a hard time getting that inside shot up on those guys being that he’s so short. Then, his defense is not that great either. I wonder, who is the better draft pick? Marcus Smart or Julius Randle?

6. Ivica Zubac- I love the guy. Soft touch, nice post moves, knows how to play basketball.

7. Brandon Ingram- Outstanding player for a 19 yr old. All around game.

8. Larry Nance Jr.- I wish he would shoot more and that the team would get him the ball in the post. He’s a very good post player. The team can run the offense through him on the 2nd unit and he would create a good shot for the team. He’s the ultimate team player. Plays good defense in the post. I like him better than Randle personally.

9. Team outlook: Looking good. Hopefully we get lucky again and keep this pick. We have a lot to work with, young assets, big contracts. Next year, the boys will be a year older and a year better. While the rest of the league gets a year older and a year worse.

I’m enjoying this process. I really enjoy watching this team as inconsistent as they are. We have some really good prospects who are fun to watch. I’m going to miss Lou Williams, he was a good Laker in his short stint, very fun to watch. But the young guys are our ticket to get back to where we want to be.

Go Lakers!