Luke Walton says the Lakers can't play 'one-on-one' basketball

The Lakers have went away from moving the ball a lot this season. The team’s 287.4 passes per game this season ranks as the seventh-worst average in the league. In a perhaps not unrelated stat, the Lakers have honored Kobe Bryant’s memory by isolating on nine percent of their possessions, the sixth-most of any team in the NBA.

It was suggested following the game that maybe D’Angelo Russell should have looked to go one-on-one even more with Damian Lillard after the two got into an altercation and the latter exploded for 18 second half points. Walton disagreed with that notion.

“The only time we’re really winning games is when we’re attacking as a team and everyone’s doing it. We’re not winning games where one guy scores 40. We’ve had nights like that too, and we lose.”

Walton also said he didn’t think Russell was the issue.

“I thought D’Angelo, even though he missed shots tonight, I thought he played good. I thought he was aggressive, I thought he was getting into their guards and fighting over screens. I was very happy with the way D’Angelo played tonight,” Walton said. “We don’t ever want it to turn into a ‘one-on-one go back at each other’ type of game. That’s not the way we play.”

Russell (and several other players) chalked the Lakers’ issues up to bad luck.

“We just didn’t make shots,” Russell said. “The world is not ending.”