all this sadness over last nights game is just DUMB. no it’s STOOPIT.

the Jazz are a legitimate playoff contender and a dark horse for champion(the horse is really dark). the Jazz played two A-list stars(not super stars) in Gobert and Hayward. they have an aging b-list superstar in Joe Johnson and an a-list role man in Diaw. they have several perimeter first-class defenders. they are one of the top defensive teams in the league.

the Lakers have only a-list role players in Williams, Deng and Young and well, Mozgov(he’d be a real contributor on a contender). everyone else is young and green.

still, the Lakers gave the Jazz all they could handle last night, and it’s easy to say that if a couple of guys just shot as well as they normally do, the Lakers would have dispatched the Jazz last night.

the world is not ending. there IS a bright future. it’s not guaranteed, but it’s not just imaginary either.