I Love this Team!

This is such a fun team to watch. There are so many who deserve credit for the start of this season. This is truly a TEAM who cares for each other and plays for each other. That is something that is hard to come by in this era of big money. We have 3 potential superstars in Russell, Ingram, and Randle. Our coach is making all the right moves to put players in a position to have success. This is awesome stuff we are seeing, what a turnaround!

My question is, does this save Jim Buss? My answer is, YES it does. Jim Buss has stayed out of the spotlight and allowed Mitch Kupchak and the scouts to do their jobs. Our drafting has been outstanding. To come away with 3 potential superstars in 3 years, that’s 100% if my math is right. Then we drafted Clarkson, Nance, and Zubac as excellent role players. The Warriors and Thunder are the only teams I can think of who have drafted with such success.

As a lifelong Lakerfan, this is a very exciting time. Our trio of Russell, Randle, and Ingram have a chance to grow into a dominant force over the next few years. The chemistry between them and the young role players is excellent. Our coach is awesome. Players are going to want to be a part of this soon, free agents will be available and willing to join the Lakers (whether we’ll want them or not is another question). The dark clouds are gone and the sun is shining bright in Lakerland. As a life long Lakerfan, Charger fan, and Padre fan, this improves my sports life dramatically to say the least.

I’m looking forward to more great moments from this Laker team this year and beyond. Thank you to the Lakers from the top down for working so hard to create this.

Go Lakers!