Hungover recap, take 1.

[insert more words than I care to write about how nice Golden 1 Center is, and how the fans offered an enjoyable mixture of amicability and a$$holishness.)

Now to the player hating – but only for a moment.

D’Lo. Did not satisfy. Outside of his 3rd quarter stint, he looked slow, frazzled, and his handle was atrocious. I remember seeing his off-season dribbling workouts – uhh, he must have a good video editer. I got the impression that he wants to do starlike things on every possession, a la Reggie Bush at USC when he would cut a punt return to the other side of the field.Obviously, Reggie did not and could not do that at the pro level. D’Lo will have flashes of brilliance but he needs to develop his “base arsenal” before he wants to go all Chef Curry through 3 defenders. However, his mid-range off the pick and pop is a thing of beauty.

Mozgov – were the Laker cheers as loud on TV as they were at the arena when he bammed that oop? Outside of 1st quarter D (and I give him a little slack here as well since Cousins hit 2[?] threes) I thought he had a very solid night. I think we would all like to see greater rebounding numbers, but he exerts a lot of effort clearing his man on box outs so his teammates can get the board – something not reflected in the box-score.

Deng – I’ll use my GF’s line of the night to summarize his performance “he isn’t very good, eh?”

Randle – Consider me on the hype train. If he can start hittting jumpers, he might be the best of the youngins. I never would have said this before due to the frequently discussed defensive limitations – but he is quick. I was pleasantly surprised with his footspeed (albeit his defensive approach wasn’t always ideal). Passing was solid, and last night he had a better handle than Russ. I loved that he and Cousins tousled, by the way. On a night in which Cousins apppeared to call out his teammates for being tender, it was reassuring to see our boys have some edge.

Nance – Indubitably the glue guy. I remember when we drafted Larry one of the commentators said the Spurs were also targeting him because he is “over himself”. I think his +/- (+8) was noticeable. The game just seemed to come easier to LA when he was out there. His height, wingspan, and leaping ability make me very optmisitc about his defensive potential.

Ingram – He played hard, and he played smart. He didn’t assert himself as much as I would have liked (he did have one basket that seemed to turn the tide in LA’s favor, though). He played the game like a vet, which is nice, but at some point I think we all want him to turn into a killer on the offensive end. Biggest difference between he and KD – KD got his shots up as a rook – which may speak to a mental difference as much as anything.

Lou//Swaggy – similar stat lines, slightly different methodologies. (Lou is much more ball dominant). Simply put, we don’t win this game if they play as well as they did. Wish I would have payed more attention to Nick’s defense.

LUKE – the good start has him wanting to WIN (i.e. sitting DLO and Clarkson most of the 4th). I guess developing a winning culture is developmental in its own sense.