Assuming I Make it

If, by the good grace of the president-elect himself, I make it through Capitol park on my way to Golden 1 Center (first time there, and I have to admit I am excited) and manifest by bottom in my drastically overpiced seat – what should comprise my list of duties/observations?

So far my list entails:

Why is D’Lo missing? How smooth/quick is his release?

Lance’s off ball / defensive contributions. (oh, and what kind of lotion he uses when he palms the back of defenders heads).

Jump to all sorts of hasty generalizations on Ingram/Durant Clarkson/Westbrook comparisons.

Find out what books Luke Walton reads (and wheter or not he remembers me booing him at 6-man)

Perform a hype check on Randle.

Ask Cousins what number he is gonna wear for us next year.

Recommendations welcome. Ya got 35 mins


Go LA!