A Seat At The Table

It’s hard to believe that it has been twenty years since Kobe Bryant walked on stage with that million dollar smile and shook Commissioner David Stern’s hand as he put on that Charlotte Hornets hat. It almost does not feel real that tomorrow night, when he takes off that Lakers jersey, he will never again put it back on to wow us fans with another magical performance. And while it is sad to see the end of an unbelievable story, it also feels good knowing that I witnessed greatness from the very beginning to the final conclusion – having seen a whole bunch of buckets, a hand full of rings, some ridiculous plays, and one historical career along the way. Kobe Bryant can walk away from the game of basketball knowing that he gave it his all, accomplished his goals, and cemented a legacy as one of the greatest ever. He can be proud in knowing that when the best of the best are called together someplace a million years from now, that he’ll not only get an invite to the party, but that he’ll also have a seat at the table.

via A Seat At The Table.