What do you think? Unless By is Tanking, I can’t even explain what out strategy is period? Kobe gonna play and right now after 20 awful games he’s our best player, okay. So why we don’t give Clarky, Nance (he might not ever be an all-star, but he seems to be where the ball is and my only criticism is when he’s open shoot, shoot!), Randle (By, teach him to pull up and develop that 10-12 jumper and be more picky on driving and rarely kicking out), Russ (quicker off the dribble, has been shooting pretty well) around 32-28 minutes? These guys should be running and gunning. And to the rest of the slugs, move, move, just move and if you can’t sit down! By, please play Kobe when he’s shooting well and sit him down for rest when he misses 3 or so in a row. Doesn’t take a genius to see all this!

PS-Perhaps start Bass and let the boyz run baby run. We be losing anyway!