Zach Lowe with his usual astute take on 28 teams in the association coupled with his overly optimistic views of the Celtics and backhanded snark on the Lakers. Pretty spot on in general:

“Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers probably deserve to be in the above category. Over the past few years, they lavished Kobe Bryant with an absurd extension; lost Howard and Pau Gasol for nothing; squabbled publicly on the precise timeline by which Jim Buss might step down; cycled through four coaches of wildly varying philosophies; botched their meeting with Aldridge; mounted an embarrassing public relations campaign to prove they have an analytics department; and signed Jordan Clarkson to only a two-year contract when they had the muscle and cap flexibility to push for a longer deal.

But Clarkson was a great pick at no. 46 and he’ll be a restricted free agent this summer with a tiny cap hold.13 Julius Randle looks feisty, and league observers generally applauded L.A. for taking D’Angelo Russell at no. 2. Keep an eye on Larry Nance Jr. A Lakers team with blue-chip youngsters and mega cap room is a dangerous animal. The Lakers, somehow, might be on a path to somewhere. They are like the lost camper who wanders blindly through the forest, accidentally drops a cigarette, burns the whole forest down, and sees their destination twinkling in the distance.

Or maybe it’s just a mirage.”