Ramona Shelburne is correct in saying that the Lakers strike out again is not because our FO were horrible, we just don’t have anything to offer aside from our cap space and young players. Until these young guns can prove they can really show their talents, then that will be the time that the Lakers will be at the top of the list again.

If you try to view the Spurs, they have aging stars as well. After all of those stars retire, they will be left with Leonard and Green as the offensive weapons. Those 2 can’t carry the team. Insert Aldridge and it will just look like Portland minus Lillard.

So, let’s hope that Mitch now focus on acquiring the talents of Tobias Harris as the primary free agent for this summer and if it is possible to lure Draymond Green from Golden State. The Lakers will have a very young core that is more athletic and will be able to run. The coach should also install to their minds the importance of playing defense. I guess by then, these players can show what they are made.

Let’s just keep our minds positive. It was already clear that we will be unable to LURE Aldridge and for a fact will be unable to LURE Jordan as well. NOW FOCUS AND TRY TO ACQUIRE HARRIS. maybe Lopez even if it look like a plan E and go for Draymond if there is a possibility