Lebron will surpass Michael Jordan tonight…

in career minutes played in the post season. MJ played 7,474 and Lebron currently has 7,470. Lebron will move to 10th all-time and will be just 1,700 minutes from #1 Tim Duncan. Barring any significant injury LBJ will be the all-time leader in minutes played in the postseason in 3yrs…maybe 4 yrs if Duncan sticks around for another year or two.

Here’s a look at Lebron in some other career playoff stats…if LBJ was a song he would be moving up with a bullet:

Games played: 20th
Points: 6th…only 1,020 behind MJ…pass him within 3 years max
FG Made: 8
FG Att: 6
FT Att: 4
FT Made: 5
Rebounds: 19
Assists: 4
Steals: 6
Turnovers: 5…..only 82 behind Magic. He’ll pass him in 2-3 years
Fouls: 57….only 2.3 per game….compared to MJ 3.0 and Kobe 3.0…hmmm

One of the all-time greats no matter how you slice it!