WOW… the SS Princess is leaving another city & FO & coach in her wake…. Wow. Oh well. They kinda deserve it – considering that their big 3 colluded to get there in the first place…. Meh.

The thing that really cracks me up though, is that speech. I gotta tell ya – that is one HELLUVA piece of good writing. Whoever did that should write for the White House Or maybe work on the next “great American novel” It’s a piece of …. well… let’s be nice and say “art”. I thew up in my mouth a little trying to get through the whole thing. I personally don’t think Bronnie came up with any of that, much less believe more than half of it.

I find myself hoping this all doesn’t turn into a big media circus kinda thing… Although, who am I kidding? It already is… sigh…. and *barf* …. carry on…. (and hi everyone :) )