I think it is a cool word.

I don’t look at responsibility as good/bad or right/wrong.

It is a place to take a stand.

For only when we are prepared to take responsibility for something can we have an impact on it.

Just listened to Doc take responsibility for today’s loss. He could have been reasonable, he had great excuses. He chose to be unreasonable and say something like “It’s on me”.
I respect that, and I bet his players do as well.

Why is it that when it was time for someone take responsibility for the Lakers season it had to be Jeanie?

We all heard the excuses: Injuries, the new CBA, one year contracts, lack of talent, and so on.

Where was our coach?

There were comments that placed blame on the players . . . Pau and “I wanted to win”, Kobe a “Fan”, defense and “We go over it every day in practice”, just trying to win with what we have . . .

Our coach was reasonable, he had great excuses.