Just one guys thoughts . . .

Small ball, seven seconds or less, entertaining exciting brands of basketball.

Sure, just not for me.

I want to see the ball go into the post. Kareem set up for the skyhook, everyone knows it’s coming, and no one can stop it.
I want to see Shaq get it in the low post, three guys foul him and he still dunks it.
I want to see the other team in foul trouble.
I want to see opposing players dribble into the paint but pass on through because they are afraid to put it up.
I want to see Kobe walk up and nail eight straight freebees to end a game because earlier some guy thought Hack a Shaq was a good idea.

I get it, your going to tell me I’m living in the past, the game has evolved, analytics, three point percentages, the rules have changed, and so on.

I don’t really care about exciting, I like dominance.

What do you want to see?