Simers: ‘Laker Girl’ airs family laundry

Two years ago Jeanie Buss reflected on her life with boyfriend, Phil Jackson, in a book entitled “Laker Girl.”

“I should probably wear a whistle to bed,” she wrote.

Well, you can’t just leave people wondering whether a personal foul should have been called or not.

So she’s scribbled three new chapters to remind everyone what we already know: Her bozo brother, Jim, is out to ruin the Lakers.

Now if I were Jim’s sister, I might’ve called to tell him he’s a creep, or emailed advising him to take off his baseball cap. I even know how to text.

But Jeanie thought the best way to help her bozo brother’s lousy reputation with Lakers fans was to go Kardashian on everyone. She’s going public with a second printing of “Laker Girl” to make sure folks know how deceitful her brother can be.

Given her expertise in marketing, maybe she realizes front-office controversy is all the Lakers have to offer this season as training camp begins Saturday.

In an excerpt published by the L.A. Times, she writes: “The sequence of events – Phil almost coming back and then being told someone else was better for the job – practically destroyed me.”

These are the people who are replacing one of the greatest owners in all sports, the Lakers responding with prepared statements from each on Monday.

Jim Buss: “The words and sentiments in Jeanie’s new book reflect her feelings and frustrations nearly a year ago, and how she felt at that time. I understand that Jeanie felt that way, and why she felt that way. Since that time, we have discussed the situation, the circumstances that led to it, and our feelings about it. Both of us feel this has been resolved and have put this behind us.”

Jeanie Buss: “Jim has been great in terms of understanding my feelings about this and in fostering an atmosphere that has led to better communication. We have regular meetings and talks and are both committed to creating the best working environment possible, as are my sister and other brothers as well. We are focused only on what is best for the franchise and in making the Lakers championship contenders.”

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