BR: What Steve Nash Must Do to Bounce Back in Mike D'Antoni's Offense

As a member of the Suns, the two-time MVP set up every big field-goal attempt or took every big shot in crunch time. In Los Angeles, it is quite understandable that Bryant owns that job, but there is nothing wrong with Nash taking the reins in the clutch.

If anything, Nash taking over the offense down the stretch will be a welcome change for a Lakers team that has traditionally struggled late in ballgames in the Kobe Bryant era. tells us that Nash’s conversion rate in the final five minutes of games with a scoring margin within five points has consistently been great.

There is some obvious irony at play here. The version of Nash that made plays down the stretch of games is the one that put fear in the heart of Lakers fans once upon a time. That’s part of the reason Mitch Kupchak brought him aboard.

However, he has not really had a chance to display his offensive talents down the stretch of close contests with the Lakers. Reminding us of what he once accomplished is practically obligatory if the franchise wishes to earn a postseason berth heading into 2013-14.

Thus, the Lakers’ lead guard will have more opportunities to dictate the flow of games with Howard gone. Instead of dumping the ball into the post merely for the sake of placating Howard, the Lakers will become a free-flowing perimeter-oriented offense.

This is the perfect setting for Nash to rejoin the list of elite point guards in basketball. Once upon a time, he was the best maestro in the world. He still has that in him, and he now has the blueprint to show it.

via What Steve Nash Must Do to Bounce Back in Mike D’Antoni’s Offense | Bleacher Report.