Miami Heat: 3 biggest threats to steal Goran Dragic in free agency

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers would love to add a ball handler to their second unit. Could the chance at a championship appeal to Goran Dragic?

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to be contenders for a championship as long as they continue to roll out LeBron James and Anthony Davis at STAPLES Center.

But they have yet to gain a clear cut edge over some of the other championship threats like the LA Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, or Boston Celtics. This is why the Lakers were so heavily rumored as Darren Collison’s free agency destination if he came out of retirement.

Los Angeles would like to add another scoring ball handler to their bench, and Dragic would be an absolute upgrade over Rajon Rondo or Alex Caruso. He’s capable of scoring double digits on a consistent basis with a 3-point shot that would be more than welcome on the Lakers.

Per Basketball Reference, the team ranks in the bottom half of the league in almost every 3-point category. Adding a career .364 shooter from deep would only help one of their largest areas of need and continue to enforce depth on this Lakers team.

With two of the league’s top-5 players the Los Angeles Lakers should be considered a large threat to the Miami Heat when it comes to Goran Dragic’s free agency. If he values a title shot over any monetary commitment, they could very well lure him out of South Beach.