LeBron James’ post dominance could give Lakers an edge when NBA returns

As the league inches closer to its return, teams will have to navigate unprecedented circumstances on the court as well as off of it. The Lakers and other playoff teams will be asked to compete for an NBA championship soon after a four-month hiatus, and no one will be in postseason form when the playoffs start. So the biggest challenge that every team will face is getting up to speed.

That should favor simplicity over complexity. Offenses that rely on a great deal of ball and player movement will not have the time to achieve the timing and precision that come from familiarity and repetition. On the other hand, offenses built around a superstar’s ability to compromise a defense should take less time to get up to speed because everyone else’s responsibilities are simplified.

That’s why LeBron’s dominance in the post should give the Lakers an edge in the race toward normalcy. It begins with his understanding of how to leverage his physical advantages against defenders of all sizes.