Why LeBron James is the Best NBA Player on Earth Right Now!

LeBron James takes the crown

When exactly is LeBron James’ peak? Was it when he skied over opponents during his first Cleveland tenure? Perhaps you prefer the 27-game win streak LeBron, or the 2018 Finals version. James is likely no longer at his peak as he rolls through his 17th season, but frankly, he’s pretty damn close. James is aging like a fine wine, finding a new way to defeat opponents night in and night out.

James’ athleticism may have waned to a minor degree in recent seasons, though he’s more than made up for it as the game’s most cerebral player. James is the ultimate master of the chess board. He manipulates defenses and controls every possession, a strategy that paid off pretty damn well in the 2018 playoffs (no thanks to J.R. Smith and George Hill). James isn’t ready to fade into the sunset anytime soon. With a new superstar running mate and the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, he could very well snag his fourth ring by the end of 2020.