Blockbuster Deals That Would Blow Up the NBA Trade Deadline

Lakers Land Sniper, Wizards Add Kuzma

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Davis Bertans

Washington Wizards Receive: Kyle Kuzma, Quinn Cook, Talen Horton-Tucker

The Lakers’ plan to flood their supporting ranks with snipers hasn’t worked. Despite owning the Association’s 10th-best conversion rate, they’re just 21st in makes and 23rd in attempts. Danny Green has been more good than great (1.9 triples per night, 38.7 percent), while Quinn Cook, Troy Daniels and Jared Dudley are all fighting for consistent minutes.

Davis Bertans would be a godsend. His blend of volume (3.7 threes per game) and efficiency (43.6 percent) was only previously reached by Stephen Curry. And remember, Bertans is doing that without a table-setter like LeBron James. Getting them on the same roster might ensure the 2019-20 championship road runs through Hollywood.

James creates more points off assists than anyone. Bertans splashes more catch-and-shoot threes than anyone, and he buries them at a 45.1 percent clip. The two would work wonders together, and the gravitational pull of Bertans’ shooting would be just as beneficial for Anthony Davis.

A closing lineup of James, Davis, Bertans, Green and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope might not brim with versatility, but it features two superstars and three lights-out shooters. If James is locked in, then Bertans is the only defensive liability in that quintet, and there will almost certainly be somewhere to hide him.

The Wizards say they want to keep Bertans, and they probably do to some degree. But he’s a 27-year-old who’s set to enter unrestricted free agency. They’re looking at their second consecutive sub-.400 winning percentage and an uncertain future beyond that. Does it make sense to keep this relationship going? What if he winds up collecting $15 million or more annually on his next contract?

Selling high seems the most prudent move. And if Washington is a Kyle Kuzma believer, this swap accomplishes that.

The third-year Lakers forward has proved an awkward fit alongside James and Davis, but he previously shined as a scorer (18.7 points per game last season) and a stretch forward (2.1 threes, 36.6 percent as a rookie). Compared with Bertans, Kuzma has youth, potential and contract control (signed for next season, restricted free agent after) on his side.

While the Wizards don’t get a first-round pick out of this, that selection would likely come at the back end of the first round anyway if they’re shipping Bertans to a contender. Their best-case scenario at that point is uncovering the next Kuzma. Why not take the sure thing instead, especially with the pot sweetened by intriguing 19-year-old Talen Horton-Tucker?