Lakers will sign Collision and Iguodala!

I was listening to the Starting Lineup on Sirius XM this morning and they had their usual ‘Stretch Four’ session where the producer gives them four theoretically outlandish statements and the hosts give their takes on which one is the biggest stretch. The first outlandish statement on the list was “The Lakers will make a blockbuster move before the trade deadline.” Amin El Hassan, who is one of my favorite ESPN analysist, immediately jumped on the Lakers statement as the biggest stretch. In his opinion, trading Kuzma even for Derrick Rose would not constitute a blockbuster move. He said the Lakers aren’t going to make a big move before the deadline but they’re probably going to feast on the buyout market and add both Collison and Iggy, whereupon the league’s other teams will scream how unfair it is and demand changes in the buyout rules. Here’s hoping Amin knows what he’s talking about.