Tom, I finally was able to listen to your latest podcast on Lakers Fast Break with Gerald yesterday. I enjoyed it as usual and agreed with your assessments as to what we need and the players you want to target. I also agreed with Gerald’s perspective that some of your proposals are a bit unrealistic considering what assets we have or don’t have.

In the article you published “How to Build a Championship Roster” and posted on the blog… I responded that I think it’s not necessary to acquire ALL of the needs you outlined. I don’t disagree with your assessments and I would love to fulfill every single roster spot exactly like you laid out. I just don’t think we have the pieces and I think that should have been done in the summer.

This picture is what it’s about, this is what LeBron is about and his difference in leadership that separates him from Kobe and MJ. It’s about TEAM & LOVE, more so than having the perfect player at every position according to analytics. Add Collison and be done and see if LOVE is enough.

On another note: I’m totally in agreement with you and Bogdanovic over Rose based on the analytics and me closely following the Sacramento Kings. I agree that Rose is the better scorer of the two but that is based on him needing to initiate the offense with a high usage rate. There was a stretch when both Fox and Buddy were out and Bogdanovic was running the offense. In that stretch of 6 games Boggy averaged 7.4 assists and 20pts on 47% as the focal point of the opposing defense as there was no Bagley or anyone else but Rashard Holmes that could score.

As you said in the podcast, playing with LeBron is special and it will take his game to another level. He is a vast improvement over Kuzma right NOW period, I disagree with Gerald that he isn’t. But….Sacramento isn’t doing a straight up trade and I’m not sure I want to take on extra years and miss out on a chance to get the Freak.