5 Things

Afternoon/early starts have long been an issue for the Lakers. Whatever it is they generally struggle with the disruption in routine. Today was no different as this game devolved into a Tale of Two Halves.

  1. Too much Luka. Make no mistake, this dude is beyond legit. He has every tool in the box and is both young and hungry to show he’s arrived. How Sacramento passed on this guy or Atlanta chose Trae over Doncic may go down as the modern day Bowie over Jordan.
  2. Never left the locker room. What intensity the Lakers did show up to the game with never made it out of the locker room after halftime. They left shots short, generally gripes at the refs and didn’t play with either the intensity or focus they need to beat a team like the MACs.
  3. Soft schedule is done. NBA schedules are a funny thing. Because so many other things factor in (travel, conference/division play, events in arenas) you get these patches of relatively easy follows by absolutely brutal stretches and then it kinda evens out towards the end. Lakers did about as well as they could with the soft part, the true test of the season starts now with a long roadie.
  4. Composure. Nothing is ordained, nothing is spoken into existence and nothing comes for free. In the 3rd quarter the Lakers came out flat and expected the refs to bail them out at home. Didn’t happen and the game was evenly called. Is it fair LeBron doesn’t get every whistle or that bang-bang calls don’t always go out way? No but neither is it unusual in the NBA. If you’re not making shots and if you don’t play defense with cohesion and intensity you get beat. That’s what happened this afternoon .
  5. Next game. Luckily, it’s the NBA and this is just one game of many to determine playoff seeding. Learn the lesson, watch the film, and play better/harder next time.