Introducing myself to my fellow lakerholics.

Hello Lakeland, my name is Buba, a longtime reader but posting on this blog for the first time. Thanks to Laker Tom for making that happen.

I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you keeping me engaged with my beloved Lakers. Shout out to Laker Tom, magicman, seely_Iggy , Jaime sweet, Keen observer, MongoSlade, Mclnyne32, John M, Dj2kb24, Worthy42, just to name a few, but you all are part of my life on a daily basis. Thanks for for all you do on this blog. I have been following all of you since the La Times blog with Mark Medina.

How did I became a Laker fan? Well it all started back in the early 90’s when I fell in love with Phil Jackson’s coaching stile with the Bulls. At the end of their championship run I became fixated with the young team of Nick Van excel, Cederic Ceballos, Elden Campbell and the rest of the boys. But I became more curious when the Lakers landed Kobe Bryant. My curiosity grew even more when they got Shaguile oneal.

To finally seal the deal for me was when Dr.Jerry Bus hired Phil Jackson. And that was it for me. We had a great run and there is more to come. Brace yourselves lakerholics!!

By the way, I live in Atlanta and makes it hard to stay up late sometimes. But I do have my league pass so I can watch the games over and over again. Thank you all.