I’m as guilty as you (or maybe not, I might be guiltier)

Just want to try and coax the overall spirit of the blog back towards hoops. Not trying to censure anyone with this post, just want to start drifting back to more specifically hoops-related posts. We all got opinions (along with other body parts) and we all feel them keenly. That’s a good thing. We can share thoughts and ideas but it’s important to realize that not-a-one of us is in a position to enact global change or possess the power to alter the fabric of reality. If there even is a fabric of reality. I’d like to thank LakerTom (and the rest of the blog) for really having a vibrant and pretty fairly measured discussion on the topic of the NBA and China. There is no right or wrong save for what your moral compass informs you and how that intercedes with the laws of your community. The rest is opinion and belief and faith. As such, let’s try and get back to discussing things like ‘how many blocks might AD average per game’ or ‘Is Kuzma sticking with that hair all season?!’ You know, important stuff.

Because, at the end of the day, this blog is one of the things that helps me deal with the aspects of life that are depressing. I’m very appreciative that I can come to a website that has no ads, no pop-ups where all of you can freely and equally post a thought and we can all talk about it in a, generally, civil way. So, again, thanks to LakerTom for providing us the space to dig into this topic and for those of you that prefer we keep it to hoops thanks for your patience. Also, thanks to Sean (aka magicman) for being the heart and soul of the blog right now. Your passion on this topic is, to me, inspirational.

Be well, everyone, we’re all here for one another and I imagine we’re all. Also, if (when) the games are cancelled feel free to post and vent on that point, as well. But as we move closer to the season let’s try and re-align the discussions here to what happens between the lines on the hardwood. Thanks folks, keep being you.