5 Things

It’s only preseason but still exciting. Here are five very basic takeaways.

1) My personal choice for a starting 5 (Bradley, Green, James, Davis, McGee) looked very formidable in limited action against the Warriors. LeBron was masterful with the pass and scored when Davis went to the bench and some of the reserves came in. That’s a recipe for a lot of regular season Ws.

2) The interior defense and rebounding will be a major strength, as it should be. Between AD, LBJ, Dwight and the fact that we have a couple of guards who are possessed of a rebounding mentality I could see us being one of the better rebounding teams in the league this season.

3) Troy Daniels looked better than I hoped. He got a lot of burn in the second half although hardly any floor time with our best guys Defense and interior scoring were his big knocks and (in 1 pre-seaon game) he looked capable on both counts. My hope, at least for his defense, is that the coaching staff he’s playing for now will figure out how to put players like he and Rondo in a better position to find success on that end.

4) Dwight looks super serious…but he’s still Dwight. Small hands leading to a couple dropped passes, bricked free throws and some above the rim dunks. Dwight is back. I’ve said it from the start, I see him coming off the bench and being good at doing it. In limited burn he put up a solid 9 and 9. Hard to see him getting on the court in crunch time on account of his free throws but he can easily be a solid contributor.

5) Next up…China! Where the Rockets and the NBA and the country with the largest population are squaring off because of Mr. Daryl Morey.

***BONUS CONTENT*** Caruso Watch-2019/2020!!!! Alex looked solid, passed up some open looks early but then found that balanced aggression that garnered him some late season success. In limited action he was 2nd on the team in+/- at +17 (Troy Daniels led the squad at +19).

All in all, preseason, not worth putting too much stock in the results but the manner in which they were achieved was really nice to see.