New anti-tampering rules coming soon!

The push to strengthen tampering rules — including a huge increase in the amounts of potential fines — was born out of a historic free agent period that witnessed several stars change teams in an acrimonious climate. The recruitment of Kawhi Leonard became fraught with charges that his uncle and advisor, Dennis Robertson, requested benefits outside the boundaries of the salary cap, league sources said.

In substance, the changes really amount to:

an increase in fines (from a maximum of $5 million for tampering to $10 million) that mostly mirrors the increase in franchise values and player salaries over the last two decades;

allowing Silver to (in theory) take draft picks as punishment for any “conduct detrimental to the NBA”;

the annual random audits of five teams and a brief mandate that “where cause exists” the league may “undertake more in-depth investigations.”

the requirement that top team officials save communications with agents for one year.