I really don’t think we will be a Top 5 Defense.

Mostly out of a schematic issue not a personnel one.

Doesn’t matter though.

The Patriots held the Rams to 3 points in the Super Bowl.

The Patriots were 3rd to last in Sacks. Yet they were #1 in QB Pressures.

They don’t ask edge rushers to go apeshit and bulrush or swim.

Your job is to chip block that TE or RB and redirect his route.

Belichick understands it’s not hits that create a problem, it’s when you disrupt timing and rhythm when you create problems.

Ditto with us, it’s not gonna be a track meet. We have length…I know keen said the Clippers have a wall…

Pat Bev is a disruptor but he’s not a fundamentally a good defender, it’s his attitude that separates him.

ON the flip side, Bradley, Davis and Danny Green are fundamental defenders. Rarely out of place, they communicate immediately when the hips get turned and a defender has airspace.

There are going to be matchups that teams will try to take advantage. Particularly, teams will try and bring AD away from the basket and get behind him.

Top 12 would be a best case scenario. New scheme. New personnel.