There are a few reasons I’m high on Troy Daniels on the Lakers. There are also some caveats and potential issues to major playing time. But one of the things the Lakers desperately need to improve on are hitting wide open three point shots. That kind of skill has the potential to make any rudimentary offensive set look brilliant. Troy does one thing exceptionally well: hit three pointers, and he’s even better when he’s wide open.

First let’s address his biggest deficiencies, they are significant. Finishing at the rim and defense are 2 areas where Troy does not statistically excel. Luckily, on this team, he doesn’t need to be a rim runner, he can come off screens and hit three balls off of passes from a bevy of savvy Laker playmakers. If he ends up coming off the bench (highly likely) it won’t mean he doesn’t have a significant role, just that he’s going to be deployed more strategically. Pair him with some top notch defenders and give him a small zone of responsibility and that short-coming can be slightly mitigated, as well.

Here are some eye-popping shooting stats from last season for Mr. Daniels:
Catch and Shoot 3 point frequency: 48.7%
Catch and Shoot 3 point efficiency: 36.6%
Overall 3 point FG%: 38.1%

That’s one season, his numbers are similar for every season he’s ever played. 70% of his field goal attempts last season were from three point range. This guy is the definition of a gunner but he’s one of the more efficient gunners out there. For $2.1 million I think this could be a great pick up for the Lakers. Just another reason I’m fairly glad we didn’t get Kawhi Leonard, not so much because of the player but because of what that salary hit would have meant for the rest of the team.

At any rate, I can see why his shortcomings could limit his overall role with the team but I also am looking forward to seeing him go off from behind the arc when paired with Bradley, Kuzma, James and Davis. That 5-piece could do some big time damage and help offset his defensive shortcomings. Also one reason why I think we could see some Danny Green at the “1”. Not because he’ll be bringing the ball up the court but that’s some decent size for the guard spots, a ton of solid shooting and great all around scoring in the front court.

We’ll see soon enough, just a couple weeks yet to wait. Go Lakers!

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