What is this I feel stirring in my soul? Doth basketball approacheth? Verily, indeed it does and rapidly so! Take heart, Laker fans, steel thy soul and gird thy loins this season is going to be very different. October is nigh!

My personal starting 5 (on paper):

PG – Bradley
SG – Green
SF- James
PF ; Davis
C – McGee

I see Rondo, Cook, KCP, Kuzma, and Howard anchoring the various bench spots. The biggest challenge will be to always have 1 of James, Davis and Green on the floor. I think more will end up being asked of Danny Green than with previous teams he’s been on. His best fit is 3 and D role-play but on this team he may be asked to play some PG depending on how well Rondo can play on defense and if his offense makes up for his shortcomings on that end. While I’m very glad Alex Caruso is getting his shot at this level it’s important to remember that he has, by and large, been a G-Leaguer who gets spot minutes on the big stage. I’m a big believer in the mongo philosophy of ‘let’s see how he plays when the games matter’. Meaningless games in April/May are not the world he is about to enter.

I actually have larger expectations for both Quinn Cook and Troy Daniels than a lot of folks are putting out there. Davis and James are going to create open 3 point shots just by running side action pick and rolls on t strong side. There will be an open shot from the corner to the top of the arc on the weak side more often than not. If they get to the rim there will be plenty of kick-out targets after the defense collapses. James, Davis, Howard, McGee and Kuzma are all elite to above-average finishers at the rim. Scoring the basketball will not be our biggest issue.

On defense I think it will come down to who can simply execute the game plan the best. The trio of Vogel, Hollins and (sigh) Kidd are going to have good to great schemes to force the action away from the opposition’s comfort zones just about every night. While there’s no perfect defensive scheme where I hope to see improvement is an ability to force a bad shot as opposed to helping to create a good one. The Lakers preached defense first under Luke Walton but he never really had the proper personnel both on the bench and on the court to execute an above-average team defense.

If any of the player’s we’ve signed can return to something resembling their best NBA selves we’ll have an extremely deep roster. If health is on our side I see us being among the more competitive teams in the Association. If, as in years past, guys sort pf tread water career-wise here, we have bad luck on the injury front, and we rank in the lower half on defense it could make for another long season on a team with a lot of star power. Akin to the old Lake Show days. Fun to watch, couldn’t get it done when it counted. Here’s hoping this team is the beginning of the next great Lakers dynasty!