Contenders ‘Just Waiting It out’ on Andre Iguodala’s Grizzlies Buyout

Around the league, the Clippers are seen as the favorite to land Iguodala, who has a big fan in Clippers coach Doc Rivers. But that only works if the Grizzlies buy him out.

L.A. can’t trade any first-round picks to Memphis, having given three future first-round picks to the Thunder in this summer’s deal for Paul George, and would be reticent to give up a young player for a guy who is likely to be around for only a year.

The Clippers are not alone in having tax and asset issues when it comes to trading for Iguodala.

The Lakers do, too. They’d like to bring Iguodala, who was once represented by Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, to the purple-and-gold but certainly can’t give a first-round pick to do so. The Lakers traded their 2019 pick to New Orleans in the Anthony Davis deal and owe three of their next five first-round picks to the Pelicans, making them unable to include a first-rounder this year or in future years.

“It is going to be a matter of whether the Grizzlies blink on this one or not,” the NBA exec said. “You have a guy who does not want to be there but has some value. He does not have a ton of value, though. He’s 35, 36 years old. So what do you do, hold him hostage? If you want him to be a guy to help your young players but he does not want to do that, does that really help your young players? Most teams figure they can wait (the Grizzlies) out on this.”

With training camp just weeks away, there may not be much waiting before the Grizzlies and Iguodala figure out a path together.