Thoughts on Dwight Howard…

-Biggest issue is his credibility. From this:

To not disclosing his first back surgery prior to camp when he first became a Laker. That, for me, is issue #1. The fact that they made him parade himself in front of the team…for a non-guaranteed deal…says a lot to me. The re-dedication to conditioning says more. Speaking of which…

-Losing 25 pounds. If true than that’s the best way to add years to his career at this point. Signals an admittance to accepting his role: finisher, paint protecting stalwart, rebounder. We’re talking 20ish mpg, solid P&R finisher when he chooses to be, potentially still an impact defender. Unlikely to finish games. Not unless his defense warrants it. Switching, not paint.

-AD signing off. To put it mildly, this is huge. Odd that Rondo was included (or was it?) and a new Laker identity begins to take hold. But having AD and LeBron sign off basically signals an acceptance to give it a shot that hasn’t happened for Dwight in awhile. For a guy who has always pulled strength from being liked it could be the one thing that helps push him from problem to productive.

-Non-guaranteed contract? Best part about this experiment. It can last until 1/06/2020, 11:59 PM PST. If it’s not happening…bye-bye Dwight. We thank you for your effort. Howard has a lot to gain and little more to lose, obviously. The mere fact he’s in this position of signing a NGC and was chosen over Maurice Speights or the theory of signing Carmelo Anthony is huge. Means the Lakers are bending over backwards to accommodate AD with an eye towards defense over scoring. Fit over friends. That, to me, is a good thing. Speights and AD are to duplicative. Noah? Too…Joakhim Noah but old and beat-up. If Howard is going to be our Clint Capella but with some savvy and a goofier personality? Fine.

All in all, I’m still just really bummed I won’t truly ever see Boogie doing his thing proper like in the purple and gold. Always felt like it was going to be a beautiful relationship. Just seemed like an inevitable kind of destiny. Sometimes that’s just not enough.