Why Kuzma and Dudley are the right combo forwards to slot between LeBron and AD

I’d argue the Lakers also did a good job of identifying the types of combo forwards that could best slide next to their two superstars in the front court. James and Davis are both, basically, PF’s who will play a fair amount of SF and C respectively. Finding the right type of combo forward, then, to slot next to and/or between both of them in an given lineup is of great import if trying to optimize success.

Dudley and Kuzma, then, are two sides of the same combo forward coin. Kuz, with his ability to be a quasi-high usage player who can carry some offensive burden while still operating in the creases that Davis and LeBron open up; Dudley with his all the little things activity on both sides of the ball whose most important box-score stat may end up being in the plus-minus column.

The Lakers will need both, and likely in heavy doses, in the wake of DeMarcus Cousins torn ACL.