Random thoughts on a long long season break

Clippers taking over LA is as likely as the Mets taking over the Yankees in New York. The Mets won it all before, had their day in the sun and then quietly went back to being the other NY team.

For all the accolades laid down on Jerry West feet (well deserved) I have one question: Did he ever build a team that won a ring without Dr. Buss? Dr. Buss did without him (Kobe/Pau)

James Dolan, Paul Allen and Mark Cuban are all richer than Dr. B and all outspent Dr. B. Only Cuban go lucky (once!) so go ahead, Ballmer, outspend Jeanie. Lets see what it amounts to.

PG is 0 for 10(?) on to win baskets, Kawhi is a lucky 4 bouncer. So who’s clutch in that team? Melo is the most clutch statistically, even better than Kobe. Maybe they should get him just for the last shot.

The old story on George Mikan blocking his ballhog teammate’s shot because he wouldn’t pass him the ball might be what happens between Harden and Westbrook.

If the Nets win 53+ you think Kyrie will welcome KD to HIS team next year?

I’d never count out a team with a healthy Steph Curry, Klay, Draymond . And WCS.