It should be noted that the guys who are definitely going to be in the short rotation or in the minutes of a tied game are all clutch.

1. Quinn Cook: see GSW last two finals.
2. Danny Green: see body of work.
3. Avery Bradley: see Celtics
4. Kyle Kuzma: remember when he was the only guy who wanted to take that Foulshot?
5. Rajon Rondo: see last minutes of Finals game 7 LA v. Boston.
6. AD: see body of work.
7. LBJ: enough said.

And should be but doubt still lingers as in: Can they make the winning foul shot in a game 7? I’m a spoiled Kobe fan. He’d make it even if he 0-15 during the game.

8. Boogie Cousins
9. Alex Caruso
10. Troy Daniels.