The reason Love worked so well with LeBron was he was capable of playing a 4/5 with Tristan Thompson.

Love while a great rebounder and shooter, didn’t/doesn’t have AD’s versatility.

Love was never a space eater on either end. AD happens to do that very well.

So, unlike Bosh and Love, AD won’t be standing on the 3 pt line. He moves around the perimeter effortlessly.

Which is why, I really like LeBron’s 2k lineup (Bradley, Green, LeBron, AD, Cousins) you could switch out Bradley or Green for Kuz.

There’s something called muscle confusion. It means using different exercises in a random fashion to help facilitate strength and endurance.

LeBron, like Miami, has weapons around him that again allow him to execute “transition confusion”.

Like Magic, LeBron, has stated he really doesn’t make pre-reads in transition. He could dish, finish, or kick-it-out. It’s a crackerjack offense.