Picking Lakers’ FA Target Next Summer

Los Angeles Lakers ($44.4 Million): Andre Iguodala

Free-Agent Category: Veteran Mercenary

“On a long list of teams interested in Andre Iguodala—Lakers, Rockets, Mavericks, Clippers, etc.—don’t forget Denver,” the New York Times’ Marc Stein tweeted. “The Nuggets want to bring Iguodala back to the Mile High.”

Several teams are hoping to add the 2015 Finals MVP, including the Lakers. Assuming they can’t pull off a deal now, they’ll likely continue to pursue him when he’s a free agent in 2020.

Iguodala is closing in on the end of his career, but he can still contribute in the appropriate role. As the game grows increasingly positionless, his versatile defense holds value.

His minutes will probably need to be limited, though. If he’s burnt out playing 25-30 minutes per game over the course of an entire regular season, you may not get the explosiveness you need in the playoffs.